Essay Sample on Contemporary Media and Identity

Published: 2023-01-31
Essay Sample on Contemporary Media and Identity
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Stuart puts the term identity in parenthesis throughout the essay because he considers it a term to be under erasure. In this regard, it implies that although it is relevant, it is imperfect and therefore, he places the word under erasure throughout his discussions. The term is under erasure because it is not serviceable anymore. It is a term that cannot be thought of in the old way, but it is relevant in specific vital questions. Stuart also puts the term identity in parenthesis because he sees it as a word under construction that can never be complete as it is always in progress. He also puts it in brackets because it is in the process of articulation. The author also puts the term under parenthesis because it is in between the historical past of its establishment and the development of its making because there are certain aspects, language, and culture that are in the process of becoming rather than being. He also puts the term identity under parentheses because it does not clearly explain the representation of a person. People cannot be categorized by where they come from or who they are.

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His analysis of identity changes the way I think of my identity because I realize that status is not permanent as it varies depending on time, happenings, and circumstances. Because identity changes, then I cannot be defined by what I was or what I am at the moment, and it will not be the same in the future. I change because of various factors, and my identity also changes with time and as I progress. I can, therefore, say that my character is not permanent as it changes over time. It has also changed how I think of myself not in a permanent state but temporary as my style is dynamic.

According to Grindstaff talk shows are manipulative because they only give people a specific voice and only to the ordinary people. Talk shows are given according to particular rules which are tailored as per the speaker's needs or demands. They are meant to benefit the speaker more than the speaker as they adapt it according to what they want to achieve. Another reason as to why they are manipulative is that they extend the visibility to the marginalized groups which end up creating more opportunities for marginalization. It is also manipulative because it is inclined towards creating physical and emotional aggression on ordinary people.

Similarly, she explains that talks are manipulative because they are used for getting money from the audience, and this is the reason as to why she calls them money minting opportunities. They tailor talks in a manner that create excitement, sorrow, the rage, among others, and this leads to an emotional stir up.

I watch talk shows, and I do feel they are manipulative. One of the reasons as to why I say they are manipulative is that they are tailored in a way that will stir up a person's emotions into believing on a particular issue. For instance, some are meant to create feelings of remorse, empathy, and sympathy but in the real sense, they do not change the state but stir sup their emotions to make them listen to the speakers and attend their talk shows. I also feel they are manipulative because they tend to use the ordinary audience for everyday life issues that people can overcome by a practical approach rather than talk. In this case, I believe that talks are manipulative and only target the ordinary people as they are the most vulnerable. They can be easily swayed because they think they have problems that need solutions through the narration of life experiences.

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