Free Essay Comprising New York Police Department Application

Published: 2017-10-05
Free Essay Comprising New York Police Department Application
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I am writing to request for reconsideration of my application for the position of a police officer in the New York Police Department. My passion and perpetual ambition to serve my country and my people as a police officer propels my struggle and efforts to become one. I developed a liking to serve in the police department since my childhood. I love peace and order and, therefore, this virtue further prompts me to persistently and tirelessly apply for a position as a police officer. I am passionate to enhance security, peace, and order in the society, and I believe that working in the police department would be a dream-come-true opportunity. Moreover, I am fervent to decrease emergency response time, enhance speed in crime scene investigation, and excel in productive and vigilant patrolling, hence, improving the protection of people’s lives and property. Additionally, my empathy for the marginalized and vulnerable members of the society such as children enhances my determination to work in the police department.

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Reflecting on my competencies, skills, and experience, I believe that I can valuably contribute to the New York Police Department. I believe that I can utilize my communication and critical thinking skills to enhance the New York Police Department. Moreover, I have various abilities that I believe would be compatible with the department’s activities and engagements. My knowledge in public safety and basic law, social aspects, and human behavior can also enable me to cope and adapt to the department. These skills, experiences, and competencies can enable me to handle numerous thrilling situations such as robberies, car crashes, search and rescue, homicides, and other police related activities. Additionally, I am a courageous and strong person and, therefore, I believe that I can comfortably handle and manage all police-related activities. I am also a sociable person who loves teamwork and collaboration. Hence, I can easily and positively collaborate with other officers in the police department as well as those in related departments.

In my life I have worked or lived in numerous distinct environments and also mingled with different individuals, which makes me believe that I can cope in the police department. I work at a men’s shelter and I have also worked as a case manager, where I gained the ability to adapt to different environments. Moreover, I am currently pursuing a degree in psychology, which is a key factor within the police department, especially in handling investigations. Moreover, my knowledge in psychology would enhance my relationship and collaboration with other police officers because of enhanced reasoning and problem sensitivity skills. As a psychologist, I believe that I am suitably fitted for the position because this knowledge is symmetrical with some of the activities within the department.

Having been born and raised in a family of civil servants, I believe in serving the country and its citizens. My parents have served in the civil service for several years and, therefore, I have seen the happiness and relief they felt while serving the nation, which also prompts me to serve as a police officer. However, there is no member of my family who serves in the police department and I am enthusiastic to be the first person in our family to serve in the department. I am a respectful and honest person and I believe that these virtues can also augment my relationship in the department.

I would be happy if presented with an opportunity to serve my country and its citizens, and also see my lifetime dream come true. Thank you for your consideration and time.

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