Essay Example on Five-year Career Goals

Published: 2019-07-17
Essay Example on Five-year Career Goals
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1. Define target vision based on minimum five-year career goals, and provides a supporting rationale.

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My career goal is to secure a job at a reputable company with the responsibility of strategic planning and the determination of programs direction and policy formulation.


My exposure working as an intern in some service providing firms enabled me to exploit my skills in integration of complex systems that went a long way in aiding efficiencies of legal relationship and customer satisfactions. During my attachment, my superior recognised my unique performances and suggested that I evaluate my options for career development to enable me further skills and competencies with regards to strategic decisiveness and orientation.

His words resonated with my desire to venture in an action-oriented career such as strategy management and planning.

2. Define required competencies to support five-year career goals and provides a supporting rationale.

To achieve my career goals I will require to perfect my skills in strategic orientation and become more decision in decision making and follow ups.

I also need to be able to be details orientated.


I would like to work for service providing firms, most of this firms put a strong emphasis and requirement for directors strategy to be people with clear and original orientation for towards strategic planning and initiative that guarantees the firm maximum return (Darling-Hammond, 2014). Therefore, I need to build and perfect my skills and knowledge in this area with a focus on succession planning.

As for details orientation, I need to learn how to give attention to every detail sooner than later. I have to acquire patience and thoroughness to be able to succeed as a director of the strategy since planning require one to factor in all possible outcomes and the means to get there without overlooking even the simplest of details as it could come back to hurt them later (Darling-Hammond, 2014). Firms in service provision especially, are very sensitive to details.

3. Define current competencies that support successful completion of five-year career goals and provide a supporting rationale.

Time and resource management

Facilitation skills, and a team player.


I feel I have true strengths in time and resource management. I value my time and work with schedules. I am also very careful regarding taking care of the resource at my disposal. This skills are vital for one to succeed as director of the strategy. (Wilson, 2014).

I am also excellent in mobilising action and play an active role in team works. I can facilitate group work and enhance cooperation between departments in a firm to work cohesively towards a common goal. I believe this skills will come in handy.

4. Create an Action Plan - List action plan items and defines short-term (12-year) and long-term (35-year) goals in support of the five-year career goals, and provides support for how goals will be achieved.

(Short Term Goals 1-2 Years)

Will attend workshop on strategic planning and management

Secure a job as an assistant director of strategy at a reputable organisation

Acquire and read The Art of Decision Making by Drummond and 20/20 Foresight: Crafting Strategy in an Uncertain World by Hugh Courtney.

Action Plan

Career workshops on strategic management are many and will not be hard to come by.

As for the job, I will pass out application letters to target companies especially those in service provisions. I am confident that my portfolio and resume will come through for me when an opportunity arises.

I will also commit two hours of my free time each day to read not only the book but also analyses what the author have written and its relevance to the job market

I believe the workshops will prepare me for my endeavours as a strategy consultant and give me a chance to meet with people in that field who might mentor my dream. Mentorship is one way to guaranteed growth (Wilson, 2014). The two books will also play a significant part in enhancing my skills especially regarding decision making and foresightedness

Long-Term Goals (3-5 Years)

Rise to the rank of director of strategy in that firm responsible for strategic initiatives, programs and policies making

Write a book on strategic planning

Action Plan

I will work extra hard and engage by displaying comprehensive strategic plan that incorporates measurable and realistic goals that will be achievable after every financial (Wilson, 2014).

I will work with others by communication my ideas and vision clearly and asking for input and support from everyone without discrimination. I believe that by the end of five-year my level of skills would secure me a higher position in the same organisation or another.

I also wish to write a book dedicated to those who want to enter in the field of strategic planning to hear my story and be inspired. The book will be written during my free time or when I am on holidays.

I believe my career development plan details an achievable realist time bond and measurable framework.


Darling-Hammond, L., Wilhoit, G., & Pittenger, L. (2014). Accountability for college and Career readiness: Developing a new paradigm. Education policy analysis archives, 22(86),

Wilson, J. P. (2014). International human resource development: Learning, education and Training for individuals and organisations. Development and Learning in Organizations, 28(2).

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