Free Essay Example on Neoliberalism

Published: 2019-11-18
Free Essay Example on Neoliberalism
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Neoliberalism is a policy model made at the end of 19th century to allow the private sectors to take an active role in making economic decisions. Classical economists employed the policy to enforce the limitation of government involvement in the production market (Harvey 2007). This school of thought advocated for the privatization of the government-owned business to allow competition in the market and limit continuous expenditure on deficit budget for public goods and services. With the open market, every sector will be able to work hard to meet its goals in the production market. Neoliberalism opened markets for both private and public sector hence initiated economic development (Schilcher 2007). The policies were meant to promote the right of the private sectors over the public sector by reducing the government powers in economic control.

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Almost each and every individual has been a tourist in one way or another (Harvey 2007). Tourism is defined as an activity in which persons move to and stay in a place different from their usual environment for the purpose of leisure, business or even other activities (Schilcher 2007). Staying away for more than one consecutive year will not be considered tourism.

There are various forms of tourism practiced in the world; outbound tourism is the most common type of tourism where people move beyond their country boundaries. Inbound tourism caused by global market thus it involves specifically traders (Harvey 2007). Lastly, domestic tourism is the movement within once country boundary but out of the usual location. Tourism does not only involve traveling but travel services, recreation and entertainment, food, and accommodation. Since the launch of neoliberalism, the tourism industry has significantly expanded with a large number of tourist exercising outbound tourism. Tourists now have the freedom to move beyond their country borders (Schilcher 2007). All these tourism services consider the culture of the tourist.


Consumption is the process in which the substance obtained from a thing is used up, destroyed or utilized in the formation of another thing different. According to mainstream economists, it is only final user of a good or service that is considered a consumer (Harvey 2007). Every culture specifies what individuals should and those that are not supposed to be consumed. Consumption involves the use of goods and services available for use (Schilcher 2007). What one culture consider good may not be good for the other culture hence cultural difference has to be considered by producers. Consumption has increased with neoliberalism following the growth in the interaction between different cultures.


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