Essay Sample on Healthcare Data Shortages

Published: 2022-04-25
Essay Sample on Healthcare Data Shortages
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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are being faced with challenges, particularly with regards to security with their sheer staffing volume of movement matching in any condition. Regardless of whether the need is to protect the patient private data in papers and electronic configurations, the security approach in the hospitals is winding up more basic in meeting the advancing administrative necessities around patient privacy. Thus, it is making the situation very difficult for healthcare administrators to implement and meet the government ruling.

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For the years that have passed, healthcare institutions have used several approaches to secure access to information and offices stored on computers (Kruse et al. 2015). Most of the organizations building access have dependably been overseen by different divisions that have distinctive objectives, targets, and security arrangements. Due to this fact, healthcare staff has been forced to remember many identification numbers as well as carrying multiple access cards to access several areas of facility, networks, and applications (Mennemeyer et al. 2016). These practices have caused divided security frameworks that are clumsy for workers and also exorbitant for the organization to maintain.

This sort of condition postures dangers to the therapeutic services associations meeting the security standards set by the government such as HITECH and HIPAA. Therefore, the security administrators are obligated to assess ways their physical access to information security technology can affect the organization's capacity to accomplish administrative consistence (Nelson et al. 2016). This can be done by implementing the more elevated amount of security that uses the current venture while guaranteeing the higher level of selection by healthcare staffs and employees in the controlled institutions.

In conclusion, there are many challenges that healthcare facilities are facing when it comes to security. In the past years, healthcare institutions have used numerous approaches to secure access to offices stored on computers. However, the IT security technology of these organizations has always been managed by hired departments who have diverse security approaches and goals. Therefore numerous dangers have been posed to these associations as they have been unable to meet the federal security standard such as HIPAA and HITECH. Thus, the moderators still have a lot of incomplete work on this matter.


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