Paper Example: China and the Greenhouse Gases

Published: 2023-02-14
Paper Example: China and the Greenhouse Gases
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China tops the list of the industrialized countries with the greatest volumes of emission of greenhouse gases which ultimately lead to global warming and the worsening situation of the global climate. According to Shi et al., (2018) the country has been the leading emitter of Carbon (IV) Oxide gas since the year 2006 and shows little willingness to commit to world standards of environmental conservation (Hea et al., 2019). The country is in the course of implementing some strategies that aim at mitigating the use of coal in its many industries. Given the fact that the country has the largest concentration of high-end industries in the world, its role in the conservation of the world atmosphere by way of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases is of particular concern to the rest of the word (Sunae, et al., 2018).

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Reasons for Choosing the Topic

Examination of aspects of climate change is a reality and more so the areas of global warming which will forever remain relevant to the human race because it essentially determines the quality of life for the future generations (Yana, et al., 2019). The human race is living in the reality of global warming and an ever-impending threat of extinction. Owing to the many industries in the country, since 2013, the country has been the largest producer as well as consumer of coal which is the most dangerous energy emitting agent in the 21st century even though it is relatively cheaper compared to other elements (Wijesiria et al., 2019). The country has been on the path towards reducing reliance on coal although its efforts have not been entirely fruitful in terms of reduction of the volume of Carbon (IV) Oxide gas emission. I am particularly interested in China's contribution to global warming and the efforts it is putting forth to try and salvage the situation.

The topic for Final Project

This will be my final topic for the research because it is an angle that has not been examined before. Majority of the available research examines the role of nations like the United States in trying to lead the path towards mitigating global warming but seldom does research address the elephant in the room which lies in the fact that highly industrialized countries like China hardly take responsibility for their actions in terms of global warming.


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