The Book of Revelation - Free Essay on the Bible

Published: 2022-03-09
The Book of Revelation - Free Essay on the Bible
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The holy book of Revelation is a description by John who comes out as a mild-mannered Christian personality hit by the power of God and has to live in exile. While in the foreign land, John has a series of revelations that he finally records for generations. John gets information to record everything he received from God (Smario, 2015). First, Gods reveal to John a vision of how Heaven appears. While in Heaven, he gets to meet both God and Jesus. He also had the opportunity to get in touch with many other angels the, elders and the holy creatures with six wings inhabiting the heavenly kingdoms. After getting to heaven, Jesus comes towards John in the form of lamb with seven eyes and seals. Evidently, each of the seals according to John releases God's anger on the Earth. However, the last seal becomes very iconic by the release of seven angelic trumpeters, which later unbridles another set of seven bowls of God's verdict. Amid all these happenings, John can locate some beautiful repulsive beings loitering around. It is a giant red dragon beast with a total of seven heads. He also sees the second beast with the love of the number 666 (Koester, 2017). John gets information about the existence of such baddies busy trying to convince people of the earth not to worship the almighty God but Satan. The creatures are also in the business of even like to killing Christians and engaging in evil deeds. However, John asserts things well never go well for the monsters. God decides to send various types of plagues to the Earth a, that lead to the death of many people while the heavenly armies help in wiping all the dragons from the earth. All the creatures get to the Lake of Fire after God throws them out to suffer. They reach the fire with all their followers failed to glorify the Almighty God. However, all the faithful Christians who maintained their strength and believed in Jesus went to a beautiful Sky city with Golden Street for an eternal stay with Jesus and God. At the end of the book, John makes an assurance that everything he saw is 100% true. He further commits that the revelations will take place on the face of the earth.

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Revelation Chapter One

Most people after reading the book revelation get the impression of its complication and more often try to ignore its teachings or submissions. It is, however, emerging that many people tend to skip the introduction and purport and get directly to the seemingly exciting areas like Chapter 6, which may be difficult to understand without the knowledge of its presentation. The first chapter is the key and the primary areas that open up the whole book. The section makes it easier to understand the entire book (Smario, 2015). However, Chapter 1 lays the basis for understanding revelation by telling us what the book is supposed to be. The primary objective of the scriptures is to provide a revelation of Jesus Christ, the son of God. In so doing, the book focuses on the story of the end time and some things that revolve around Jesus Christ. Notably, there is a chain down the side of the diagram indicating a revelation that Jesus himself received from God to with an instruction that it reaches an angel. The angel later showed the chain to John with an intention the John would then share the story with the human race. The first aspect of the revelation is evident in chapter one. The disclosure in this chapter is about God's appearance and position. Christians consider John as the Ancient of Days and one who can stand in front picture Jesus Christ and the church (Koester, 2017). The revelation is indeed progressive, the unfolding of each chapter leads to another aspect of John's character. Nonetheless, announcement one gives an introduction to another notion where Christ considers himself as the alpha and the omega. The idea is to emphasize his existence outside of time as known by man. Many believe the book of Revelation as a letter from Paul to the seven different churches present in Asia. The existence of these churches comes to John as a revelation through the signification by an angel. John was in his eighties at the time this work was taking place during A.D. 95. Approximately, this was about sixty years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross. John was at this time sixty years older than he was at the time of the revelation (Ironside, 2014). He goes to Patmos as a mine worker where he serves his punishment for boldly testifying to the power and existence of Christ Jesus. Christ makes an appearance to John and dictates the later which John later sends to the seven Asian churches. The application of the following is relevant to all believers despite its specific nature to the seven selected churches.

Revelation 1:1-6, 9

The first verse of chapter one reveals that the book's contents are for the bondservants of Christ including the existing designate of God who must remain true church by the present definition. Additionally, John gets essential information from Christ insisting that believers have the responsibility to read and abide by message presented in the book. The assertion is that what is likely to take place in the coming days is crucial for everyone who believes in the existence and power of God. Christ also instructs John to make a record of warning and send to the seven Asian churches that were in reality during the time that John wrote the book. The notices have both immediate outcomes and also results at Christ's Second Coming. Along these lines, in the most recent days depicted in the book of Revelation, Christ weaves together three distinct projects for three unique gatherings of individuals speaking to the whole of humankind in the most recent days. Dutiful and defiant individuals from the congregation, unbelieving Israel, and the world by and large make these three gatherings. Five of the seven warnings that John sends to the seven Asian churches have direct consequences related to the end-time. Possibly, one of the questions John had in mind about the signals was the consequences that would feel the people if they continued to disobey or disbelieve in God. At the fourth chapter, God takes John up into the heavens where he gets a marvelous view God's throne. At the same time, God reveals to him the activities and the events that would take place on the last Day of Judgment. Other than the staggering eminence of paradise itself, the point of convergence is an unopened look in the hand of Him who sits in a position of royalty, fixed with seven seals. The inquiry at that point emerges in the matter of who can break the seals, and along these lines allow the conditions essential to impact the substance of the parchment (Ironside, 2014). Indicating the Lamb of God, one of the twenty-four older folks disclosed to John that lone the "Lion that is from the clan of Judah" is qualified to open the parchment. This reality is bolstered before in the New Testament. Just Christ has the privilege to judge the world in the most recent days due to His demise and revival as the ideal Lamb of God at His first coming.


This section gives a detailed discussion of Servant Leadership and how it affects people in the context of the Christian society, especially in the Asian community. It begins with a historical overview of crime by trying to explain the origin of revelation and its emergence specifically in the particular book. Because of its appearance, this section outlines some of the causes of disrespect to God in the old society. Consequently, some of its challenges come out followed by some of the ways through people can use the teachings of the book of revelation in the real-life situation. Finally, a paper makes a practical application of the text outlining how to live with the announcements in mind of the readers without affecting their daily lives. There are three crucial contexts that the version of revelation appears both in the logical perspective and in the biblical view. The first one of the historical contexts which just likes any other setting is a fundamental element of ant written document. The book also has a cultural background, and a literary context that determines the kind of literature used in work arranges about one another.

Historical context

In contemporary biblical teachings, the concept of servant leadership does not possess a simple and universally accepted meaning. However, administration in common terms refers to such acts of giving direction to a group of people or an organization. In the biblical field and as indicated in the book of revelation, leadership refers to the ability to show people the way to go (Sommer, 2015). To protect Christians against any evil act perpetuates by to dragons, servants of God had the moral responsibility to give direction that helps deal with a heinous act or person. When we discuss the authentic setting of the book of Revelation, the basic answer is, it's the first century. The first century is the chronicled setting. That is vital because as a rule people endeavors to make the twenty-first century the recorded context, and they attempt to peruse things from the present news into the book of Revelation. Therefore, just like much other religion across the world, the Christianity builds a secure system on revelation through the latter by John to help deal with any human beliefs and assures them of a better future with God. According to the book of Revelation, there is a full range evil act within the Christian society. Many factors contribute to the high rate of sin rate in the Christian community especially at the time John wrote the letter to the seven churches. The presence of the antichrist is a threat and have, in one way or the other, triggered evil activities among Christians. Through the influence of the antichrist, many young people go into committing sinful actions just because of impaired judgment. The other primary cause of sin in the Asian churched is unfair teaching s by the priests most of the priests captures by the antichrist and are furthering his agenda within the churches. Additionally, the historical background of individuals also determines their behavior and relationship with Jesus Christ. Some people may opt to do lousy sin because of their past context. Evil the old days just like at any other time, had a significant threat to the development and existence of God's relationship with a man. Sin may lead to loss of lives and property, a phenomenon that is not good for any society (Sommer, 2015). Moreover, there are worse evil activities, such as that threatens the peaceful existence of God's people. It is evident that the book portrays a sense of history in the understanding of man and the way he relates to God.

Cultural Context

However, the book of revelation helps the society make a lot of progress with the support of the Christians in promoting servant leadership. A well-equipped and trained religious forces coupled with a healthy judicial system is the pillar of the many parts of the world. Consequently, the book of revelation has fixes to prevent sinners destroying the moral fiber of the society. As indicated, they do not find their way into heaven but to the flames with the people who decided to follow them (Ironside, 2014). Even with all systems and a strong support base from the general the Holy Father John still faced challenges in resolving the issue disobedience and the worship of the antichrist in the revelation because sinners are also members of the society. Additionally, as the community opens up its borders to accept other destructive information from the antichrist, there is a growing threat over the porosity of its borders and the fact that many evil acts may follow people into the church (Sommer, 2015). Moreover, it...

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