Eccay Example on Naval Architecture

Published: 2019-07-17
Eccay Example on Naval Architecture
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Environmental challenges from shipping industry have become a global concern. In 2000, the shipping industry from the international community released 2.3 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide, 3.3 million tonnes nitrogen dioxide and 250,000 tonnes particulate matter per year (Air pollution from Ships. n.d). The use of non-renewable sources of energy especially oil and gas is also an issue at hand in the shipping industry. Large ship consumes a lot of fuels (oil), and they release huge clouds of smoke into the air. It is expected that by 2020, these emissions from shipping industry will have increased by 40 to 50% (Air pollution from Ships). These emissions result from internal design systems of the ship which can be modified and redesigned to regulate high emission and at the same time employ the use of renewable sources of energy.

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From my concern in environmental preservation and the knowledge I have gained from my previous engineering degree program, I am interested in designing and developing of a ship engine system that can utilize renewable sources of energy more specifically wave energy. My proposed design aims to modify the current engine system by introducing an alternative propulsion system that will extract energy from the waves. The proposed engine will work in such a way that rather than utilizing oil or diesel, it will harness the ocean waves to provide energy. The energy extracted from the waves will save on the fuels used by the ship and as a result, create a sustainable ship engine system that will be environment-friendly.

The proposed system will meet the IMO (International Marine Standards) that regulate the emission of sulphur and nitrogen dioxide content of marine fuels (Engineering and innovation). One way in which my proposed design can meet or beat the standards set is by the implementation of the use of the modified engines as the researcher has suggested that will harness wave energy and minimize the use of fuel energy. Consequently, there will be of the release of toxic gases into the environment, and maximal utilization of renewables will be applied in the shipping industry so as to save on the non-renewable sources.

If allowed a chance to pursue Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (Ship Design), I will work towards achieving my proposed design modification of a ship engine that will be able to utilize wave energy rather than the fuels. I believe that my teamwork spirit and passion in research will drive me through to see my proposed design to the end. I hope that Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering program will build on my engineering knowledge and technical skills that will enhance my capabilities in the implementation of my proposed project. Besides, I am confident that the implementation of the proposed design to modify the ship engine will create an avenue where other researchers in various disciplines can come in and develop other systems that will harness renewable sources of energy such as wind energy extraction techniques and other materials that will contribute to the environmental sustainability and preservation.

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