Free Essay Sample on NAHQ Code of Ethics

Published: 2019-06-10
Free Essay Sample on NAHQ Code of Ethics
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Healthcare Quality Professionals as defined by the customary of conduct that is inherent within confidentiality, relationships and commitment, while committing to offer services with due honesty, truthfulness and accountability, while respecting the enshrined law without going contrary to it. The core purpose of the professionalism in the health care quality is to ensure that there is promotion of dignity while practicing the profession putting in mind the following virtues; Honesty, truthfulness and abiding to all set of rules. The primary concern of healthcare quality professionals is commitment to health and safety of the patient (, 2015).

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ACHE code of Ethics

The ethical standard relationship behaviour within American college of Healthcare executives code of ethics includes; associates, patients and all affiliate members. This ethics carry with them ethical behaviors that governs persons behaviour especially when the action relates directly the role. The key purpose of management profession in healthcare is to maintain the general good life and well-being of any person in need of healthcare services, while at the same time creating equity, accessibility and efficient healthcare system. All the executives within the healthcare system must make an analysis of any anticipated outcome that they will base their decisions (, 2015).

AMA code of ethics

Task of Ethics groups is to enhance the care for the patient and that of the public through inspecting and at the same time promoting the physicians. This is achieved through well set policy of ethics. The Groups are clustered into: Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, Ethics Resource Center, and Institute for Ethics (, 2015). The Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) is responsible in coming up with ethics policy for the AMA.

HCCA code of ethics

Healthcare agreement agendas are judged on its effect both directly or indirectly; this entails healthcare delivery to; patients, residents or even client served by the healthcare fraternity, this implies that the entire community is beneficial. Those vulnerable patients served by the healthcare industry are susceptible thus the need for quality professionalism, competence and also integrity being in place.

The Code of Ethics have two standards: The principle as a code of ethics entails broad canons having both ambitious and rousing nature thus expressing ethics of prototypical professional conduct, while the rule as a code of ethics are explicit canons that recommend least level of conduct probable for every HCCP (HCCA, 2015).

ADVAMED code of ethics

On relation to the professionals with healthcare industry AdvaMed Code elucidates and differentiates suitable activity among the representatives and the profession of the AdvaMed affiliate companies. Both AdvaMed and its affiliates inspires virtuous business practices and socially accountable industry behavior associated to their relations with healthcare expertise (, 2015).

NCIHC code of ethics

Ethical environment for the practicing of healthcare interpreters in US, was set by the National code of ethics. Through enactment of a sets of principles for a given act to a code, the emerging profession will move away from misunderstanding of individuals likings and views of what is suitable and what is not suitable to the individual view likings and views thus becoming a demand on each other. The demand forms a unified network of rules that is purposed for the profession integrity (Essary, 2015).

HBMA code of ethics

At this time the committee of Ethics and Compliance that is made-up of thirteen affiliates responsible for bringing extensive diverse, breadth and depth experience of a billing company HBMA. The committee offer input, along with set of ideas and recommendations for the compliance education while developing compliance for HBMA affiliates. We are also working together with committee on Education and our administrative team to come-up with practical compliance tools for all affiliate members (Healthcare Billing and Management Association, 2015).

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