Essay Sample Dedicated to Correctional Leadership

Published: 2022-03-31
Essay Sample Dedicated to Correctional Leadership
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The efficient maintenance of humane prisons requires the use of correctional leadership with a high level of professionalism. Based on the literature review, intelligent leadership is a pre-requisite for establishing a suitable environment in which all inmates can coexist harmoniously. The role of the head of a confinement facility is to ensure that the activities within the institution are run smoothly while being mindful of the safety and reforms that could enhance the transition process of inmates from jail back to the community (Seiter & Kadela, 2003). This is not what I thought correctional leadership would be. My perception was that the responsibility of the person in charge is to order and control the operations of a correctional facility.

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Correctional administrators face challenges that are brought about by issues such as inadequate qualified personnel to handle and monitor juvenile inmates, increasing number of female offenders convicted for substance abuse and peddling. Additionally, a large number of inmates tend to suffer from mental illnesses thus making their stay at the institution unbearable. The administrators face the problem of financial constraints due to insufficient budgetary allocations and the growing number of inmates.

The responsibilities of the administrators can be made more accessible in future by rectifying and acting upon the issues that affect their ability to deliver on their mandate. For instance, the juvenile detention centers should be equipped with personnel who are well trained and qualified to work on helping the children rectify their behavior (Chesney & Shelden, 2013). The mental illnesses among inmates arise due to stress and withdrawal from other people. In future, this issue should be addressed adequately by providing psychological help to the inmates when they arrive at the facility thus minimizing the number of those that are likely to fall into depression and mental incapacitation.

The characteristics of an effective leader include; the ability to influence people positively to carry out their mandate, have credibility and integrity, be team players with their priorities outlined. The role of leaders in the correctional arena includes; ensuring that activities are carried out efficiently without pushing individuals around, facilitating the definite integration of new detainees with the existing inmates. Providing an environment that allows the offenders to rectify their behavior and acquire skills that they can utilize in the community when their jail term is over also makes up part of their mandate (Salem et al, 2013).

Leadership and management are frequently mistaken to be the same but the roles and skills required to execute their mandate contrast. A leader works by integrating people into his visions and thus being able to work with them. On the other hand, a manager directs individuals to work for him to achieve goals without necessarily believing in the mission.


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