Autobiographical Statement. Free Example.

Published: 2020-11-26
Autobiographical Statement. Free Example.
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My personality, values, beliefs and career have been shaped immensely by my family background, places where I lived and the people I interacted with while I was growing up. I was born to loving parents who had lost their first child to leukemia three years before my birth. That was undoubtedly a traumatic experience for them and they did not want a repeat of the same. My early life was hence filled with a lot of insecurities, which I managed to overcome through participating in social events and extracurricular activities at school. Participating in activities such as swimming and other interactive activities was really helpful because it boosted my self-esteem and gave me a lot of confidence to face life. I attribute a lot of boldness and courage that I have today to my childhood days.

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Growing up, I did not have an idea of who I would become, although this does not rule out the fact that I had some dreams. However, it had never crossed my mind that life was preparing me to grow into a clinical psychologist. I remember vividly how I spent each day of my life trying to make it better and pursue a good life. I spent a lot of time interacting with my peers, and this was when I realized that I enjoyed socializing and helping other people. I am strongly convinced that I developed this habit from my parents, who were always more than willing to give me the best. I started writing the story of my career when I decided to study for Bachelors Degree I Social Work; this was definitely the best program that would enable me continue interacting with people and give them help where needed. My social interests were further developed throughout my ten years of working for the Head Start program in Puerto Rico. Working with children along with their family, and getting involved in other peoples lives was more than a normal job for me. This was a moment to experience the pain and sufferings that some people go through. My mentality and perception of life was shaped immensely as I got deep and deeper into the lives of people.

There was a need for me to further my knowledge and skills so that I could be of greater help to anyone who approached me, and to the entire world at large. I enrolled for a Masters Degree in Psychology with the ultimate hope for building my interpersonal skills and learning new ways of handling people, and helping them out. I had been working with children for long, although I had developed a particularly strong interest in the lives of adolescents. After two years of private practice, as a school psychologist, I enrolled for a certificate in Family and Couple Therapy. I thought this would be a perfect complementary for they work I had been doing with children, since they are closely related. The number and magnitude of challenges that I faced with the new tasks that I had taken up gave me a strong desire to seek for more knowledge and wisdom, especially so that I would handle diagnostic circumstances professionally and with sufficient knowledge. Having done my masters degree, I had no other option but to pursue a higher calling, which was my Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology.

I believe my decision to undertake a PhD in Clinical Psychology is one of the best lifes decisions I have ever made because it has enabled me to learn critical aspects of adolescents and their families; neuropsychology is, in fact, one of the areas I love most in my work with adolescents and their families. I am consistently working towards making myself a better person for the service of the entire society. I am looking forward to a future of working with a multicultural diversified population as I keep building my proficiencies until I finally specialize in neuropsychology.

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