Paper Example: Myers-Briggs Personality Test and Hiring Decisions

Published: 2023-01-22
Paper Example: Myers-Briggs Personality Test and Hiring Decisions
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Employers do themselves a great favor by using the Myers-Briggs personality test to make hiring decisions. However, those who benefit from it are the ones that use it appropriately since the test is open to a lot of criticism and skepticism (Lather & Jain 2015). There are things that an employer should note about what the test can do and what it cannot do. The fact that the test cannot give perfect results is an indicator to the employer that the solution during making the hiring decisions is to incorporate the personality results into the interview through use of personalized questions (Furnham, 2017). The test cannot also predict or guarantee job performance hence employers need to pair the personality assessment with other methods used to measure job aptitude which will make it easier to identify the candidates that possess the ability to work and those that do not.

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Employers benefit from using these tests but only if they are aware of the things the test can do and those it can not. The tests will not make the hiring decisions for them hence they will need to take some time to consider what they are specifically trying to achieve and if it makes sense using the MBTI assessment then they can be extensive (Blodgett, 2017). Some of the things that other employers miss out on the test are that it can help them anticipate what they will need for the success of their firms, help in creating team work more effectively and helping the organization to diversify rather than discriminate (Childs et al., 2017).

It is evident that personality testing can be an added advantage when it comes to hiring personnel for the organization. Personality tests provide unique information that can help assess whether a candidate is fit for the job and whether they will be able to align properly with the present culture of the firm. The traits of the employee are needed to determine their values and preferences hence the position they would hold better and define the company successfully. This is in an effort to build top-quality workforces and personality testing is quite an advanced tool to make the decision of hiring (Hancock, 2016).

The Myers-Briggs personality test also helps to ensure a significant reduction in the chance of putting the wrong person in the wrong position. The test is well-designed and standardized which allows the human resource department to better understand the employees hence hire like professionals (Smith, Badr, & Wall, 2018). Firstly, it is critical in strengthening the interview. They hiring managers will be aware of the soft skills and the behavioral interview questions that they will need to pay more attention to during the process.

It is also important in gaining a deeper insight into the candidates. The job candidates tend to have a wide range of skills, abilities and also styles of work (Sample, 2017). The differences are not visible on the resume that they present or during the interview process hence the personality assessment will be an important tool for understanding what the applicant has to offer.

My stand is that the personality test is important for hiring decisions but employers should know the implications related to the success of the organization hence make decisions for themselves and not let the test do that. The MBTI is a critical tool for use to make hiring decisions and it can help the employees increasingly work in a team environment. The managing department will have the ability to comprehend the traits of the team members for overall success of the company.


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