Personal Experience Essay Sample: Violent and Angry

Published: 2017-12-14
Personal Experience Essay Sample: Violent and Angry
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Sometimes life and experiences can be very frustrating, especially when one has high expectations but things seem to turn against such wishes. It was on a holiday in the year 2014 when my family had prepared to celebrate the occasion since a day free from work afforded virtually every member of the family a day to come together and share. However, it turned out that I had to spend the night in hospital where I was compelled to engage in a confrontational encounter with the nurses whom I perceived were not responding adequately to my aging father who seemed to have been a victim of food poisoning.

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On arrival at the nearby health facility, my father kept vomiting and convulsing. I felt his temperature rising every minute we waited on the waiting desk. For about one hour of waiting, no doctor or nurse responded to our plight. I had initially remained calm but could not bear the reluctance of the health workers anymore. I had to break my peaceable nature and become more violent to force them into action. I have been a firm believer in Nightingale’s environmental theory of nursing which states that the role of a nurse is to provide a suitable healing environment for patients suffering from different sicknesses. My father needed first aid administration which the nurses failed to respond to in the first place.

After a chaotic exchange with the nurse on duty which I regret to date, she resorted to attending to my father with a negative perception which I attributed to the force that I used to drag them into activity. This negativity of attitude in administering first aid to my dad disgusted me. In my mind, I conceived that the best nursing practices require nurses not to engage in any medical practice when on a negative mood or if he has developed a perception about the patient. Looking at the nurse turning my father on the sick bed, I saw her as an incompetent nurse who was grossly ignorant of her professional duties. She seemed to have ignored the right of a patient to fair treatment in health facilities, and I count not tolerate her gist anymore. I grabbed the equipment from her hands, pushed her aside and embarked on administering first aid to my ailing father awaiting the arrival of the doctor who seemed to be equally responding to duty slower than I expected a professional to respond in cases of a life threatening urgency.

My situation at the hospital placed me in a dramatic dilemma in which I had to uphold my peaceable nature and witness my father’s life degenerate at the health facility where he was to get medication or express my agitation through violence and get the health workers to work. Each of the two decisions I was presented with had far-reaching implications both to my stature and my father’s health. If in case I turned out to be violent against the health workers, I knew the quality of their services to my father would not be adequate but still, I had to make them responsive. My agitation and violence yielded various achievements. Another nurse who was also on duty in a different ward overheard my verbal exchanges with the nurse attending to my father and came in to offer help. The first nurse who felt agitated by my demeanor resorted to ringing the doctor on duty who now responded promptly. In essence, the experience turned me from a peaceful and law abiding individual to a state of violence and temporary disregard of the hospital rules to save my sick father. I felt relieved by the fact that though my behavior was demeaning, the reasons were justified.

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