Personal Essay Sample: My Source of Inspiration

Published: 2020-06-18
Personal Essay Sample: My Source of Inspiration
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Julius is a young man in our neighborhood whom everyone envies for his ever-smiling nature and warm heart. His philanthropy has helped many children from poor backgrounds manage their life through school by offering to give a helping hand in the paying of their fees and even supplying them with academic tools like books and even school uniforms. His willingness to give back to the society has encouraged many people in the neighborhood to join hands and start a fund that is directed towards funding a childrens orphanage in our home town. His personality is quite adorable and his industrious nature makes him such an admirable person. All these facts about Julius really intrigued me and provoked an urge in me to try and know more about him. This was quite an exciting venture to me and ever since I started, I have had a wonderful experience filled with lots of life changing lessons that always catapult me to greater heights each day.

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To begin with, I had to learn about his background since I knew that to reach where he was at the moment, it must have been a process. Trust me, whatever lay in wait for me was such an unimaginable surprise package. Julius was brought up by a poor family in the streets of our hometown. To him decent clothes, shoes or even friends were far beyond the reach of his imagination throughout his childhood. His parents were so hardworking that they managed to pay for his studies through to high school. In school he was such an industrious and selfless young lad. His performance in school was quite amazing. He always came top in class during examinations and this even led to him being awarded a scholarship for his high school studies. He still continued with his exceptional performance. Sadly, midway through high school he lost both parents in a fatal road accident. Life was now taking a bitter twist but this did not deter him from reaching his full potential.

After completion of high school and was now supposed to join law school, the bitter grip of reality got the better part of him. With his parents dead, he could not manage the expenses nor even pay the school fees for himself. So as fate had it, he dropped out and was back to the painful street life. He was compelled to start working as a casual laborer, earning a small wage that could only afford food and second hand clothes. He worked there for two years till one night when his simple act led to a total turn in his life.

One night in the streets, a policeman in his usual patrol stopped one homeless man who was loitering aimlessly. The officer was trying to question the homeless man who instead turned violent. He had brandished a knife ready to attack the officer. Coincidentally, Julius was walking in a street nearby and saw all these unfolding. He dashed and grabbed the man and was able to rescue the officer of whom he knew nothing about. This story hit headlines telling of a tale of a young, selfless homeless man rescuing a police officer from the jaws of death. This led to him being awarded by several agencies for his act, and greatest of them all, the government offered him a full scholarship through law school with an assurance of employment immediately after completion. All these came to pass and now he is a district attorney.

From his story I came to appreciate the prevalence of the later over the former. I learnt that life is a rough terrain road full of meanders and uphill climbs but none of all these match the magnitude of my destiny. I realized that no matter how hard the circumstances may seem, as long as one keeps his or her eyes on the goal and keeps the faith and hope high, things will always fall into place. Considering my humble background, the story of his life has been such a motivating factor. I have learnt to uphold selflessness, generosity and impartial love as great virtues in my life. With these, I have been able to have many friends and lead a happy life. However, as each day comes to a close, I have this dire desire to be better than my former days. I therefore work harder each day and know that finally my breakthrough will come as it happened to Julius.

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