Check Essay Example with an Artwork Analysis

Published: 2019-11-07
Check Essay Example with an Artwork Analysis
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you think is going on in the piece, and what it is about. Your story can be personal, true, fictional, fantasy, a diary or journal entry. Tell us your story in Steps 1.a., 1.b.,and 1.c., below:

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Step 1.a.

If you are allowed to take pictures of the artworks, insert an image no larger than 5

inches high or wide. If cannot take a picture of the artwork, please explain this.

<Insert image here>

(Write your response here in at least 250 words)

The Ohio State University Library is one of the most conducive and best places in terms of artwork and images. This was the best place to pick my piece of work. It has over 1,000 interesting pieces of artwork. Seavay Davids artwork titled Cause of death AIDS was the one I picked to do a study on it. The piece of art is dated on the 4th of November 1985 and was a publication of USA today. It is an editorial cartoon with a dimension of 29 cm in width and 27 cm in height.

The main subject of this piece of art is AIDS which currently has no cure. This piece of art was done during a time when AIDS had just been discovered and was seriously affecting people through serious death. Depicted in the editorial cartoon artwork is a pen, hands, table and a certificate of death.

On the picture, there are two hands, one holding a pen and the other holding the death certificate onto the table. On the certificate its written CERTIFICATE OF DEATH with a logo on it. The moving a line down there are personal details which include name and address. Then lastly there is a space left to fill the cause of death, and this where the picture depicts the hands want to write. On top of all that the picture has a capital letters word AIDS. This piece of art comes at a time when AIDS was just a new disease in which many people were not fully aware of it. It also comes at a time when it was seriously killing people.

This clearly indicates that the person whose death certificate is being written died of AIDS.

Step 1.b.

Make a brief statement of how your story relates to the piece:

How does telling a story help you understand artwork?

Do you think other viewers would make a similar story or is yours different?

In 1985, during the time the art was being done was the year which the United States Centers for Disease control and prevention had revised the AIDS case definition hence proving and correcting that AIDS is caused by the newly identified virus that they had discovered.

This also came at a time when at least one or more HIV cases had been reported to every part of the world. This was a time when AIDS was an epidemic causing the death of many people.

The art work which is done on a paper, blue pencil and ink is a clear indication that one has died of AIDS and the one writing the Certificate does not know how to frame the disease. At that time it was famously known to be an embarrassment for someone to die from the disease. Taking in consideration that the writer in the piece of art is has not yet started writing the cause of the death. Looking at the art it was posted at US today which is a publication, hence it can also be seen as a warning about the disease.

The public at that time were so scared about the disease and the embarrassment that comes with it. This picture clearly depicts that.

Step 1.c.

Tell the title of your story:



For Step 2.a and 2.b, you will analyze the artwork, focusing on literally what you


Step 2.a.

Answer these questions:

In what year was the work created?


2. Who is the Artist?


What is the title of the work?


4. Where is the work exhibited?

David Seavey collection, The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

Now, think about the questions, below, and write descriptions of 10 elements in the

work (objects, colors, light, dark, textures, etc.).

If you need a way to get started, study the work and think through what you

wrote for Step One. Find specific elements of the work and tell how the

technical effects led you to your story.

Think of different or familiar objects that you could refer to for comparison.

Be very specific in your descriptions of basic colors and shapes. For example,

instead of just "green," write "lima bean green" or grass green."

Where does your eye move through the work as you put together the

interpretation? What did you notice first and what makes it more noticeable

than other areas of the work?

Describe the scale of the work in relation to the exhibition space. Instead of

"six inches wide" or "thirty feet high," write tall as the ceiling or a twostoryhouse, large as a laptop, small as my cell phone, etc. These

relationships help you identify exhibition context of the artwork.

Identify 10 elements, below, in one sentence each:

1. The artwork is in the form of an editorial cartoon.

2. There is a top word written AIDS in capital letters which means thats the main theme

3. The graphics is more of black and white

4. There is a death certificate involved which means the current issue involved is death.

5. There is the word cause of death which means the current issue is what caused it and considering the word AIDS being mentioned it is that.

6. There are hands which means the person involved is the one writing the death certificate.

7. The artwork is printed or drawn by ink and on paper.

8. The creator may have also used a blue pencil and overlay.

9. The artwork was also made in a publication and at that time there were only black and white printed publications.

10. It is of 29cm width and 27 cm length.

Step 2.b

From the elements you identified in Step 2.a Summarize your descriptions in five

well developed sentences that include:

What you perceive as movement within the work (the pattern your eye follows) or

actual (physical) movement in the work, itself.

Tell about relationships between elements you have described

Write your five (5) well-developed sentences below:

Sentence 1 the artwork depicts a certificate of death which means someone is dead.

Sentence 2 there is the word AIDS which means the person dead may have died from that disease.

Sentence 3 the artwork is made from ink, overlay, and blue pencil, white out and paper

Sentence 4 its a publication in black and white which means it was printed or worked out at time when there was only black color for that.

Sentence 5 it is of a medium size of 29 cm width and 27 cm length.

Step 3

In steps 3.a and 3.b you will determine how you make sense of the artwork.

Explain how you think this work is art, what meaning it provides, and WHY you like

or dislike the work.

Step 3.a. How is it art?

Discuss how you think this artwork might be an art form. This is your opinion and it

is up to you to explain how and substantiate why you came to such a conclusion.

Tell how location and context impact the meaning of the work. Where is it displayed?

Tell how its meaning would change if it were in a different location?

In this section be sure to include:

How is the work art?

Why or why not -- because of its beauty or ugliness? What it means to you? Its Location/placement? Its style?

Seavey David does not do this art for beauty purposes but for information and awareness purposes. This is not just any piece of art, it is an art that depicts the life and death of the human race considering the disease stated there and the certificate of death. Although in many cases the beauty of the art is what matters but this cannot be described as beauty by the fact that there are no more than 2 colors in it and the depiction of a certificate of death.

This piece of work beauty comes with the fact that it has some inherent meaning which is AIDS being a killer disease. It is in another telling us a story that this is a person who has died of AIDS. The piece of art also acts as a warning to the living to warn them about the disease. The meaning would change if the word AIDS depicted on the art was not there. There would be a number of other reasons for the death.

Step 3.b. Judgment

In this step, you are to discuss whether or not you like the artist/artwork and explain

why you like or dislike it. Explain your reasoning and go beyond basic statements

such as: its truly beautiful, It caught my eye, Its ugly.

Expand on your judgment and refer to specific things in the artwork, as well as your

interpretation of the piece that makes you think that way about it. That is, how does

all this make sense to you?

1. In this section be sure to include:

2. Whether or not you like the artists work(s).

3. Why or why not?

4. How do you make sense of the art form? Give specific reasoning referring back to

the work(s).

5. Did your judgment change?

(Write your response here in at least 250 Words)

Its evident that the artwork has a good inhere...

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