Literary Essay Sample: Christian Attributes in the Poetics The Wanderer and The Seafarer

Published: 2022-06-17
Literary Essay Sample: Christian Attributes in the Poetics The Wanderer and The Seafarer
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The poem Wonderer and Seafarer are based on the traditional background where paganism was highly practiced. Christianity was first spread in Britain and Northern Europe. As a result, the poems acquired some Christian components that contradict paganism to some extent. The poem Wanderer is based on fate and God. As Christians believe that God is the controller of people's lives and does what people might think is impossible for instance placing men in positions that seemed to be difficult. Additionally, the poem indicates that paganism in the world is as a result of Evil presence. Since the world is based on paganism, destruction might occur. This is because Christian god destructs what does not please him, the reason why the poet is left alone in the world. He lacks a person to share his thoughts with since the state has fallen. Christianity creates a platform for moral uprightness, and when people resist Christianity, God becomes angry and eventually destroy them (Julius 20).

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Faith which is a fundamental aspect of Christianity is recognized as beneficial in the poem Seafarer. The speaker says that being righteous involves acting to God's wishes. Therefore people ought to fear the Lord and humble themselves before him to access Heaven. Additionally, God accepts evil doers provided they humble themselves and ask for forgiveness. As eminent in the poem Wanderer, the poet emphasizes the need to possess faith in Christianity religion. Moreover, the speaker in this poem perceives the world as a hostile place because the poet is alone similar to the poem Wanderer. The old guard is perceived to be less valuable because the only Supreme Being to be feared is God. Both poems accept the fact that God is the ultimate controller despite the spread of paganism in the region (Salter 30).

Additionally, in the poem Wanderer, the speaker illustrates the pain that a person undergoes as a result of failure to recognize God. In light of the fact, God is Supreme; his actions are rightful because he does what people think is impossible. Failure to recognize him leads to devastating effects such as death. In the poem the speaker talks about being lonely, his friends died, family and kinsmen as well hence left with nobody to share inner thoughts with. Friends, family, and Kinsmen are a fundamental part of a human being; it facilitates the sense of belongingness. When they are gone, an individual may end up depressed. However, in the poem, the people surrounding the speaker died as a result of failure to adhere to God's wishes. He, therefore, gives a word of wisdom that people should have faith in God (Julius 15).

Similarly, in the poem Seafarer, the speaker also talks of the lost glory. The glory was a lot because people did not have faith in God. Aforementioned, the setting of the poem was based on paganism background where religion had partially penetrated, the reason why the poem has captured some elements of Christianity. The speaker says that the Kinsmen, loss of money, friends and family members resulted from failure to humble themselves before God. The terms the world as a hostile place due to lack of company. He goes ahead and advice that Fear of God would lead to a more established world, therefore people ought to seek forgiveness (Salter 27).

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