Book Review Essay Sample on My Sister's Keeper

Published: 2019-06-18
Book Review Essay Sample on My Sister's Keeper
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The theme of the book is very difficult what kinds of problems were there in the family, if one member got a cancer. Coping with such a complex disease completely absorbed the family and all the resources. This situation affects everything and everyone: parents, children, the sick person and even the readers.

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The book gives the soil for thoughts. Who is right or not and which choice should the person make in this situation. The life is difficult thing and we cannot predict anything. This novel is so dramatic and emotional.

I have felt every moment, even when I was reading the book. Sometimes I needed to interrupt my reading to understand and calm my emotions. The moment which impressed me was when Anna left her home and moved to the fire station, where her father worked. This action showed me that every person can find the strength to prove everyone that she or he is strong.

Every child wants to be loved and desired and be unique and important person for parents. But what do you do if you are born as biological material for someone else? The main character of the book (Anna Fitzgerald) faced with this problem to extend and save the life of her sick sister Kate. Kates livetotally depended on Annas health. Since she was born, she had to maintain the vitality of the sister. But nobody asked her about this choice. The parents had decided everything before her birthday. Therefore, Anna has become just an addition for Kate.

Despite a tragic situation Anna wanted to live as happy child. Thats why she decided to fight with parents for her life. As for me, it was very brave step from young girl and not many children could start a war with their parents. Anna did not have a support, thus she appealed for help to a lawyer who left her in the end.

This turn of events showed hard and lonely way of the sister. She could not believe anybody. Her brother was only a one person who never interested in her life for Kates health. It was true relationships between them, as for me.

The book examines the positions of all family members, without exception. The motivation of behavior and thinking was described dispassionately and impartially. When I was reading the book, I supported every person in the family despite on their behavior. Because, every person has own idea of justice.

The struggle for childs life is important for every mother, even If she chose irregular ways of decision problems. The husband is needed in wifes love and support. Anna needed a freedom of choice and the opportunity to live. Kate wanted the end of pain and relief from the presence of death. All of them are right, and I think that they did not merit a hard life. There is not selfishness. Every member of the family was fighting for anothers happy life.

Ethical issues are widely described in the book by the author. Of course, we should not forget that love is blind. And the love is doubly blind if it is seeking to save a loved one, in my opinion. Sarah asked whether Anna wanted or not. She just did not want to lose her sister, so did everything to help her to get out, even to rescue from the clutches of death. It did not leave her a choice.

Sarah perplexed Anna with her question: Do you want to save Kate? There was no choice. Of course, Anna wanted to save Kate. But did Kate want to be saved? Nobody asked her. Sara and Brian hoped, even when Kate started to lose hope. This is the power of parental love! And I involuntarily remember how my mother constantly believes in me, even in those moments when I do not believe in myself, and it gives me back my self-confidence.

Anna Fitzgerald became an independent in relation to questions about her body. She won this process. Her kidney belonged to her and only her. But did she? Would not her whole life distress the conscience because she deprived her sister of life? I thought about this throughout the book. And I suppose that the conscience would not distress Anna. Because it was all part of a scheduled plan that they came up with Kate. I understand if you do not want to be my sister. But I cannot lose you as a friend, - said Kate (Picoult, Jodi. My Sister's Keeper), and in these words we see the whole meaning of relationships. The author told us that even if you are ill, you should not be sick at heart. Try to find the strength to fight with disease and never give up. The author showed us how Kate was thinking about her loss. She saw shadow of her sister on the wall. Kate regretted that she had not had a possibility to correct mistakes. Despite Kates recovery, Anna has remained in her memory. So, I can only say that at the end of the book, I cried like crazy. So I felt sorry for one of the sisters. This book is about love. The fact is that they were ready to go for each other.

The position of father was strange. On the one hand, he supported Annas position, in the other hand, he did not. When his daughter was in the hospital, he was meditating. This position causes condemnation. He is a man, in social world he must be the support for the family.

Jesse is a teenager and his parents did pay attention to him. They have just lost the thread with him, and he felt that he was a scoundrel and had to do bad things. Man ignored the whole situation in the family; he lived alone and sometimes did violations. For him, it has become the norm. And it was because the parents have forgotten about his son since Kate was born. Yes, they have an excuse for a sick daughter, Kate needed more attention, more care. Any parents would pay more attention to the sick child. But should loving parents do like this? The loss of family ties was describes there by the author to show how parents affect our livelihoods.

The value of this book is important for every person of different ages. It's amazing what the parents can do for the sake of their children. Perhaps, in certain situations, there is nothing impossible for them.

Jodie Picoult is amazing and many of her books imbued with wisdom and understanding of the human soul, it does not make their characters perfect, they are humans, cruel, kind, smart and stupid, insightful and sometimes so blind.

My Sisters Keeper for readers is something wonderful, favorite, light and bitter. This is the first book for many years, which make readers cry.

When you are reading this book, you have many difficult questions. Did parents have the right to decide for the second child, when it does not concern them? Do we have the right to refuse to sacrifice themselves for the sake of loved ones and not to get the condemnation of society? Is it morally? Is it ethically? Is it correctly? What is generally correct in this situation? Who are right: the parents who try to keep his child in the world, or a child who does not want to be a vehicle? Do we have the right to blame the children for something they would not want to do?

Jodie Picoult touches difficult topics in the book. In this case it is very hard to take someone's position as a uniquely correct. The whole book is permeated by a desperate struggle for survival, the struggle for life. There are questions of life and (or) death, organ donation; responsibility for their lives and the lives of loved ones; the right choice and that choice is correct. Perhaps, I do not remember the books I have read, that would be asking more questions than this. This story shows us what relationships should be like, how we should behave ourselves with our children. It makes me think about value of child in the family. If you are going to be a parent, this book discloses the secret side of life that every child has the right to be born in love, not for the sake of another child.

The end of the book is quite unexpected, it just proves that everything around us is unpredictable. Trying to keep the fleeting years, you forget that the tide of life can sweep away the rock, which seemed eternal to you.

Thus I can say that the book My sisters keeper is about a choice between own life and saving another one. The topic is actual (childhood cancer is everywhere now) and slippery (donation issues are always on the verge of morality and ethics). The topic of abandoned and unheard children is raised in the literature to let us know how it is important to have full family.

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