On Global Scene - Management Essay Example

Published: 2020-02-18
On Global Scene - Management Essay Example
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An e-learning system should be introduced by the company to educate all its employees on the initiatives that are being carried out by the enterprise. The use of an intranet is also crucial for its growth as information could be relayed very fast and efficiently, to all employees and its offices across the globe.

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Thompson opted for the company to remain privately owned rather than become a public one. He felt that the initiatives that had been started by the company could only be achieved if it remained private. The management system would also change if it were to become a corporate company, and, this could hinder its delivery of services in one way or another. The important decision that was made by the founder helped the company grow on the global scene. He never wanted to hinder the service delivery to their esteem customers. When Harvey, took over as the CSR director, she only had the mandate of improving the CSR activities of the company.

The company can engage in very many proactive web releases that are released to the public. These press releases are aimed at attracting the external stakeholders attention and, thus make them participate more in the companys initiatives. More of this can be also staged at the global media as it would encourage more investors into the company across the world.

The diversity of cultures amongst the countries in which the corporation is established is posing serious threats to the companys growth at a global level. It is imperative for the enterprise to devise mechanisms that would have this problem solved and, thus the company achieves maximum profit at the world stage.

The company has a responsibility of ensuring that it complied with the universal principles that are outlined in the UN Global Act and Principle. Or else, it risked losing the good reputation they had built and consequently, lose most of their consumers. The pressure that was on Harvey was very much immense, and, therefore, it would be proper if the company works under such guidelines to avoid such inconveniences in the future.

On local CSR plan

The company has experienced challenges with how to develop an accountable supplier system that would serve their consumers well. It would be therefore good for the business to invest more in this sector so that they can be able to provide quality services to their stakeholders and consumers at the local level.

The company CSR director had problems with implementing the Crowns principles and those of the global bodies into the practices of the company though the employees seemed supportive to her. A better way of changing the system would be required in order to ensure that no one is inconvenienced.

The sustainability reporting required much time, and thus coordination of data collection for the CSR activities was becoming very difficult. The use of computer technology could change this as data could be sent to the central offices from any remote centre.

Measuring the level of environmentally compliance also brought issue because of their different locations. The CSR director has a task of coming up with a way of solving this, and she could probably also use technology to solve this problem.

Harvey has tried to achieve the best for the company; she seeks to promote the company both on the international scale and at the same time ensures that it remains socially friendly enterprise within the community.

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