My name is Today, and I am an interior design major student at Auburn University.

Published: 2023-01-06
My name is Today, and I am an interior design major student at Auburn University.
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I am writing this apology letter with a deep feeling of remorse and embarrassment as I make a profound self-criticism with an understanding of poor academic behaviour of having committed a forgery of doctor notes of the course labeled, CADS-2200. I am sincerely sorry and very remorseful regarding the happenings that occurred during the CADS-2200 course, and I would like to genuinely express my sincerest apologies to the professor regarding the actions undertaken. Additionally, I would like to make a necessary and concrete statement to explain the reason of my actions during the incident and to show my sincere repentance together with self-awareness for the school policies that curb such unacceptable behaviours.

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During this semester, various disciplines require detailed preparation because of the several courses I take. Therefore, I have minimal time to prepare and to finish the project and assignments allocated by the professor and since most of the technical and conceptual problems are difficult I found it easier to forge the work. Most of the time I always find it challenging to complete the homework given before noon, and thus, I require more time to finish the job in time to avoid such negative behaviours in the future. Also, I am an international undergraduate student, and English is not my native language, one of the professor's courses assignments requires me to watch and analyses the Lynda video for at least three to five hours before completing the assigned work. The video duration is usually three to five hours which is generally a short time for me to understand and work on the homework. Therefore, I would kindly request for more time to finish the assignment effectively.

When I try to research for words, understand the process of operating the software, and when I use the software to complete the project, I still find it challenging as it requires me to find the specific useful video to complete the operation. Therefore, one assignment usually takes me ten to fifteen hours for me to complete, which is way more time that the assigned three to five hours. Since I am an international student I fail to acquire the assignment per week thus a limitation rule has been placed on my credits every semester, at least twelve credits per semester results to increment of the time limit set for the assigned homework. In addition to spending fifteen hours a week on the software, I also spend time on my paintings, essays, and some other school work. I cannot handle staying up for an average of three to four nights per week. Therefore, I was prompted to use fake notes because I know the importance of the attendance rate of this class, and I do not want to fail this course.

However, after a long period of silence and thinking, I started to carefully understand the dangers of my inappropriate behaviours and how the actions are intolerable at the university. Even though the professor failed to realise my corrupt practices in time, I did a thorough self-evaluation and reflection, and I decided to stop the bad acts and be ready to face the consequences to curb the continuity of my poor academic actions. I understand that the university has set some very stringent rules against forgeries and the effects are extremely serious, but I am ready to face them to avoid such kind of mistakes in the future. Therefore, through the incident, I would be regretful for having done the forgery, but I will also be lucky since I would have learned a lifetime lesson since the punishment will allow me to be awakened and ready to face life professionally. Additionally, the incident's repercussions are a significant turning point in my life as they will allow me to grow into a sincere person that is needed in society. Therefore, as I analyse the schools' and the professors' policies about forgeries, I express my heartfelt gratitude to the professor for helping me in stopping my actions before they developed into much more dangerous and unstoppable tendencies. Additionally, I was able to identify the negative influence the incident has on me and other people around; it is a lousy demonstration to the other students around campus especially the freshmen who might think that forgeries are understandable and should be taken lightly. My opportunistic and irresponsible tendencies in the university and my collective, careless thoughts and behaviours are undoubtedly a significant contempt and impact on school discipline and self-ethical standards.

Throughout the course, I have gained lots of knowledge and used it for my personal growth as an individual. For instance, I have learned that for one to survive in life, they have to engage themselves with other people so that they may gain benefits from them. Friends and family are essential people in the presence of an individual, and therefore I believe that I have realised that now and applied it in my life. While interacting with people, I only disclose as much as I am comfortable with so that it may not affect me at a later date. I even ask questions from people that I am close with so that we may know and understand each other's character. While connecting with people, I have learned that it is essential to ask more questions about their personality so that I can understand who I am dealing with directly. During the group discussions, I learned several aspects that are essential during the interaction.

I rely on my inner zone because it helps me learn my emotions and most importantly how I can control them to interact with other people in the best way possible. As human beings, we undergo different growth stages differently because we all have different personalities as well as characters. It is essential to learn what I am doing before I can do it. This is one thing I have learned throughout time, and I thank this course for letting me learn such concepts. They will surely help in exponentially improving my life. Awareness is something I have respected for a very long time because when one is aware of something, they gain their best insights and use them to control whatever it is they choose to indulge in.

Therefore, I apologise for the negative consequences and harmful effects of the incident might have brought about to the school's image as well as to my fellow students. I also did analyse the depth of my mistakes of the happening, and I clearly understand the seriousness of the problem. I have learned in life that every person is busy seeking their status so that they may gain a new beginning and feel more appreciated in life. For instance, I had realised that before I did not understand what my identity was. I am now more interested in seeking it. As a result, I write this apology report to the level of my understanding and experience, hoping that other learners can reflect on mistakes and know the appropriate approaches to follow when found in the same situation like the one that prompted me to conduct a forgery. I also hope that the professor can offer some support and assistance to enable me to abandon the bad habits during my future studies and even in my occupation. The teacher could also assist me in understanding English so as I can be a little faster in my video analysis and completion of assignments and in learning various professional courses to become a useful individual to the community.

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