Business Management and Finance Essay Sample

Published: 2018-07-16
Business Management and Finance Essay Sample
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Business Management Essay

This research tries to justify and explain the different methods that were used to obtain the full information regarding the relationship between business management and finance, and also came up with questions which I would use during the research so as to meet the entire purpose of the project. This section also reviews the strategies I used to obtain the data and the reasons that were behind the study.

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Out of the various types of research that exists, I decided to choose a descriptive research about business management with finance. The research is descriptive in nature because it tries to describe how businesses are managed and their finances.


As this is a business related research, both qualitative and quantitative methods were adopted to make the best out of my research. The quantitative approach uses measurements, numbers and finally, calculations are made to finalize. On the other hand, qualitative entails pictures, words and then it is put down in the form of a description. With this understanding, I decided to use both the methods.


With the knowledge about the different research strategies that exists, I decided to use case study .I decided to choose case study because it deeply examines the complexity of the situation to bring out a clearer understanding of the problem at hand ours being management in business and finance. Another reason why I decided to choose case study is because it can be conducted in various approaches. These approaches include deduction approach, induction approach and abduction approach. Abduction approach was the best approach as it relates well to my research topic.


Before I decided on the methods I would use to collect the data, I studied all the common data collection methods. From the study I learned that there are multiple methods which can be used to gain the data that is needed such as interviews, documentation, observation, and archival records. Since interviews are mostly carried out when using case study, I decided to use them to obtain the data required. Another reason I considered to use case study is because they give valuable and detailed information about the topic chosen. The data I collected using interviews was of high quality and expected results.


When selecting the sample to study, I had to consider the various sample collection methods. These methods include random selection, cluster sampling, and systematic sample. Since the main aim of the thesis is in business finance, I decided to pick one company, and I studied all the financial status and business transactions of that company.


Analyzing case study is a difficult task because there is no accepted way to proceed. The data that I obtained from the interviews that I carried out was used when the analysis was performed. The necessary information was put together with empirical data to make it possible to identify any similarities or differences that might be present.


When carrying out the research and data collection especially when undertaking interviews, I experienced some problems. The respondent was affected by the presence of the interviewer due to age, sex or even color. Others did not give correct answers to the questions asked, and others had a fear to disclose information. This is because they suspected the interviewer could be government personnel trying to investigate the company.

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