Free Paper with an Analysis of Santana Concert: Just Feel Better

Published: 2022-03-02
Free Paper with an Analysis of Santana Concert: Just Feel Better
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I have watched the concert with Santana a play titled Just feel better. This was a musical live play held at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre. This play was performed by Santana and Steven Taylor. It focuses on transformation and independent life with a keen look at relationship nuances. Santana wanted to show the audience that they don't have to be prisoners of life. They always have a chance to start again, leave the past and make peace with themselves. Plays and concerts serve bigger purpose than entertaining and arouse emotions; they serve the purpose of educating and stimulating

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The Santana play depicts Disney's animated movie, whereby the character Elsie, who has powers is forced to run away from the castle and start a new life (Craske, Matthew 56). Even after her magical powers get discovered, she tries to live a life like the past never happened. She is not afraid to let go of the life and this can be attested when she said " Standing frozen in the life I have chosen" which means that her destiny is in her powers but she is can live a different life uncontrolled by her powers.

The reason Santana and Taylor created the play in such a rocky classical concept was to emphasize the power of letting go and feeling better. The concert intended purpose was to allow the audience see the beauty of living the present and enjoying the life. Graham in his review is exited by the manner the authors and performers, displayed and performed the play. The message was to enjoy the life; beauty is not knowing want, and that you, if you jump off the cliff something, will eventually catch you.

The purpose of this art is to instill audience confidence. I think the song subjects the girl into so many hardships. First, the play reveals the messy relationships; family relationships and love relationship. The girl experiencing all these quagmires can choose to move into drugs or do crazy things but she does not know how or what to do. She is confused and doesn't know if to come or go. This makes me think that the play is about finding yourself. People can do things like drug abuse, drinking, criminal activity, sports, self-mutilation to feel better although all these activities are risky ventures which might lead to death. This is perfectly depicted in a car crash which can be two folded perspective; one, probably it acts as a reality check of what the urge to feel better would result to, second, it would mean that person life crashing and getting back to her senses. This means that finding yourself you need to let go some things of the past.

The play is particularly influenced by the day to day struggles most people face in life, like abusive relationships, family hardships among others. The 'just feel better' concert play has been subject to many reviews as it reflects what has been there for ages and comprehensively brings out the hot feminism subject (Craske, Matthew 56). Observers and readers recognize the playful, snarky, hopeful but cynical tone of Tyler that the play is built upon. The play depicts the struggles of but also reveals that these problems stem out from family background issues which can be hardly be circumvented. In modern days and it is being played on television and in modern theatres. This contemporary feat has seen the play branded as "theatre of the absurd" inspiring a consummate development of modern day society, family alienation and social critics (Fleming, William, 122). Observers acknowledge that the play is carefully integrated with events, symbolism, character portrayals, and settings all supporting the image and the sheer truth of life. The play basically promotes and literally meets its purpose by motivating people by doing things which challenges them and help them grow in both professionally and socially. This is the ultimate feel-good technique because people will always feel good when they achieve the big feat and help others in the society.

The audience and followers agree that this play clearly is a representation of modern day struggles the generation z encounters. Most of the people in that generation are unaware of where they are headed which provokes them to 'just feel good' activities. A clear look, show that this feel-good search would always lead to bad decisions and risky actions. They assert that target audience should involve themselves in calm deliberation and identify the best feel-good ways.

Plays and concerts serve a bigger purpose other than entertaining and arouse emotions; they serve the purpose of educating and stimulating (Fleming, William, 122). The play potentially elicited the need for change and the audience probably filled with emotion absorbed it and they wanted to quit the life of drugs, self-mutilation or other risky behavior just to feel good. They would demand, better relationships and better job or careers with a better future. It can be argued that the lay achieved this purpose. I agree with the realism which the play conveys, and the perpetual truth outlined at the end of the play. Certainly, this artwork presents a great value that will remain even with the future generations.

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