Essay Sample on Leader-Member Exchange Followership and Team

Published: 2018-05-17
Essay Sample on Leader-Member Exchange Followership and Team
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Leadership and Followership

Followership, Teams, and Leader-Member Exchange teams work and function in various ways that include communication and understanding between the people inside the team altogether, between the members of the team and the also the leaders of the groups. The functionality between and of the teams is correctly and efficiently assessed following a leader-member interaction that relies on the level of the exchanges and interactions between the two different parts of the organization. This assessment tabling base on the quality of the exchange between the teams.

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Followership and Leadership involve a proper working cooperation that helps realize significant organizational changes. The changes enhance healthy functioning and promote the realization of the organizational goals and aim concerning the corporate team placed at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. The significant changes made to an organization help impact the teams working and activity work out. From the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, changes to the structure are clearly evident and help describe the functionalities of the body. These changes include; Management change, setting up of a real and honest member-leadership connection within and outside the organization, implementation of proper geographic position, and also the inclusion of the societal love for the team (Erdogan, & Bauer, 2014).

The setting up of an honest and good member-leadership connection with also the involvement of the management in creating the proper relationship with the member and also the society impacts the organization by promoting the relationship and success of the organization. The presence of effective followers help formulate and create a productive leadership behavior, and as a result, the effective leaders support the development of the employees and another team members into a good cooperation with the followers. Followership is evident from the leaders of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. This followership helps show the nature of the employees or the member’s role, the different styles of followership that the people express, and also how the members interact. Without the supporters, there are no leaders for any organization (Erdogan, & Bauer, 2014).

Essential Element of Effective Followership and Leadership

Pam Iorio being a leader of the BBBSA and from Tampa, is involved with creating a good relationship with the member. The team made a decision of moving its headquarters to Tampa with the aim of helping her realize her organizational goal. Her commitment to the organization to create a leader-member exchange helps her promote followership and team leadership. The team is responsible for working together as brothers and sisters. The working, however, encourages the development of the organization at large. It also helps ensure the leaders and members have a long lasting relationship that not only helps grow the organization but also promotes the development of individuals. In team leadership, every member of the team plays a role in building the personalities of the members and also advance the development of the entire organization as a whole.

However, one of the most important variables in the team performance and also in the leader-member exchange are the job security, follower trust, and leader integrity that affect the activities of the organizations at large. To begin with member trust, the leaders should ensure that they create an atmosphere of confidence and openness to the followers.

Trust is an essential element of effective followership and leadership. It impacts members beginning with their ranges within the organization. The trust helps explain why and how the individuals are always willing to go with the instructions of the leaders, and in other cases, it even gets to a level of placing their fates in the plans and hand of their leaders. The follower trust serves as a gateway to the promotion of the personal development and also promotes the realization of the organization's goals. The leaders are responsible for ensuring that they keep their words to employees and make sure that they practice their objectives (Erdogan, & Bauer, 2014).

Leadership Integrity

Following the proper strategies of real leadership is a strategy they should use to ensure that they also promote interactions with their members and make sure they see reasons to trust them. The followers should make sure that they also know the advantages of trusting the leaders and also have the knowledge of the consequences of believing them. Trust is one of the most important variables is promoting the exchange and interaction between the leaders and member.

Besides, the leader integrity is also another aspect that affects the team performances together with the interactions between the leaders and also the member of the organization. With variables of the intellectual leader and other people given the mandate of leadership, there is a large difference in the promotions of development within the organization. The integrity of the leaders is responsible for ensuring there are a proper direction and relationship within the body. With the acquisition of the member trust and setting of the organizational objectives, the leaders should make sure that they create an atmosphere of togetherness and cooperation (Erdogan, & Bauer, 2014).

This leadership integrity is an aspect that not only depicts the nature of the member relationship with each other and with the leaders but also ensures that there is a creation of good job performances. The members of the organization will acquire the needed resources in helping them work efficiently. These resources can involve personal development which is gained from the mentorship of the leaders and also from the atmosphere they create with them. It is important to ensure leaders full of integrity acquire placement in their favorable positions according to their objectives on that specific job requirement.

The integrity is responsible for building the personalities of the members, promoting the development of the organization at large, and also ensuring that every member gains their specified goals. The leader integrity is all together also responsible for ensuring there is good and efficient team performance and also ensure there is a good relationship in the leader-member exchange.

Leader-Member Exchange

Also, the job security currently affects the team performances in various ways through the member. The members have a right to having believed that their safety is also critical to the job security. The job security is capable of giving the members the ability to make inquiries about their jobs as it gives them security in such a way that they do not get victimization or any other form of unfairness. The leader-member exchange is promoted primarily by the members and leaders as a result of the securities. These measures ensure that the members undertake their job without any fear of biases or any other problem that may block them from doing their responsibilities.

These variables affect the team performances and also the relationship between the leaders and the members. It is the responsibility of the leaders to ensure that relationships and group performances took regarding the aims and goal. With good leadership and proper team interaction, the organizations and the individuals develop as it is the backbone of a long-lasting leader-member exchange and team performance (Phillips, 2015). However, if these aspects face mismanagement, it is likely the team performances will deteriorate. Also, the mismanagement is liable to cause a bad or no relationship exchange between the leaders and also the members of the organization.

Several strategies should be formulated to ensure that issues of leader-member exchange and team performance get addressing. These strategies have the responsibility to guarantee any matter that arises concerning the events of group performances are undertaken and considered necessary. The leaders and member should acquire enrollment to proper training and development opportunities (Phillips, 2015). The training helps ensure that each member gets training according to their roles in the team. It also helps them acquire more information about the activity they should undertake in the group performances and how they should do a specified job.

Also, they should get enrolled for development opportunities. These development opportunities help build the personalities of the member. It increases their knowledge of anything and also develops their lifestyle as the individual permanently expands (Phillips, 2015).

Interactive Events Creation

There should also be a creation of interaction events. These events can include creating cultural days for the organization or any other strategy that ensures the members and leaders of the group meet at a place away from their workplace. It should be precisely a different geographic position but involves meeting for a different other than working. These events help create an environment that poses the comfort of the member's interaction with the leaders. It helps promote the relationship between individuals within a team and also ensure that the team members and the leaders relate well (Cheng et al. 2016).

Also, placing of the people to their particular jobs of their capabilities and giving them the responsibilities they are good at doing. It will help promote specialization and as a result of this, help the give the members a chance to practice their likes. I believe that these factors will contribute to addressing the issues involving team performance and also interactions between the members and leaders.

Followership, Teams, and Leader-Member Exchange include the communications and understanding between different parties in an organization. It is responsible for creating development to the groups at large and also ensure that there is personal growth. These factors are crucial to the business environments.


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