Essay Sample on Project Area Monitoring, Available for Free Use

Published: 2022-07-01
Essay Sample on Project Area Monitoring, Available for Free Use
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Project monitoring is a process that involves keeping track of every metric that is project-related such as task duration and team performance, identification of potential issues and taking of necessary corrective actions to make sure that a given project is within the required scope, on the fixed budget and attains all specified deadlines. Therefore, monitoring component of a project help in overseeing all the tasks and maintaining of an eye on the project activities in ensuring that one is implemented project accordance to what has been planned. When the managers of a project make crucial decisions with no data that is verified, their decisions will be characterized by very little evidence hence the action cannot be much efficient and may only seem like a resource and time wastage. This is the reason behind what it is essential in the monitoring of projects diligently and making use of data obtained in coming up with various intelligent decisions.

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Monitoring of a project answers typical questions such as, are all tasks being executed as planned? Are there unforeseen implications which arise due to these tasks? How is the team performing at a specific period? What is the effect of the changes? Will the actions undertaken result in expected outcomes? And what are critical project's elements which require changing? According to Memon, Majid, & Mustaffar, (2005), automated technologies and tools may simplify any given tedious process encountered when monitoring project. Many project managers have adopted tools for project management to help in monitoring their projects and delegating tasks. However, since project monitoring is a process that is complex, there are a few apps for project management which may support the requirement of the project manager.

Real-time monitoring that is done on team performance may help in monitoring how every activity is being carried out including the actions that the team is currently working on, the activity that the members of the group are stuck on as well as the kind of tasks that require to be done to help in moving the project forward. Monitoring task of a project will offer the duration summary of all duties included in a project (Kerzner, 2017). Monitoring process displays the amount of time that all the assignee has spent on a given job and it predicts the amount of time that is required to accomplish the overall project such that one may identify the existing issues and be able to make adjustments for getting things back on the track as planned. Project monitoring involves typically measuring of progress toward attaining of project objectives, monitoring of deviation from the planned project as well as implementing of correction actions (Barber & Miley, 2002). In many cases, project monitoring influences all other processes of a project, and it happens during all the phases of the life cycle of a project.

To conclude, project monitoring is essential in the process of making the management plan of a given project to work towards attaining the set objectives of a project. Provided with the information concerning the team, prediction of expected overdue, the project managers may customize a project plan as well as addressing various issues before they occur. With practical project monitoring, one may identify the way that is most efficient in managing their resources as well as continuously assessing the status of the project which will result in making sure that a given project being undertaken succeeds.


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