My Current Leadership Capabilities. Free Essay

Published: 2023-08-23
My Current Leadership Capabilities. Free Essay
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Personal growth is related to several factors that impact on personal life and development. Leadership grows with strategies, and attributes are the key inputs to the identity of growth. Leadership is essential for personal growth, and elements of a leader show the potential action and reaction to issues. Growing up in an urban area, I found myself challenged in family informal and communal formal matters. I a to develop exemplifying development qualities that I cling onto up to date. More so, I have found myself in situations where I am a leader or deemed to be under authority. My first leadership experience comes from my family setting. I am the eldest of my three siblings. Therefore I have had an enormous responsibility of providing care when my parents are at work. At ten years old, I started house chores and perfected the sector with the house help as a mentor. After joining the school, I have been a class representative on the board of students in junior and high school. I have also found myself a leader responsible for coordinating my coursework research team and a general course mandate for submitting all the group assignments and reports to lecturers. The school and my personal life have been my tool in identifying strongholds and weak factors in my leadership duties.

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I have strengths in influencing and persuading class members to ensure that they deliver expectations on time. Of course works, I provide the best compiling methods and neatness of the tasks that we deliver to the lecturer timely. I also face the class, lecturers, and team members with high self-confidence. Also, my creativity is of a high level through strategizing the objectives and goals of my project teams. My leadership has garnered me an attribute of accountability and responsible character- taking care of children requires cautiousness and a calm person. I have become a mindful leader through the requirements of working in targets, and with different teammates who do not share the same originality or ethnic affiliation. Therefore this has made me a compatible person. However, I have faced the challenge of poor communication skills. At circumstances, In some team projects, I am the cause of poor marks, which affects general performance. I lack a personal attribute of problem-solving among my group members and siblings too. This is caused by the emotions that cost me the freedom of working freely with my fellow learners and siblings.

Leadership Skills to Work on

Having the consent of my leadership weaknesses, I have an inventable need and desire to improve these leadership attributes this semester. To begin with, I will foster to get better communication skills. From experience, I will improve the procedural and objective information generation, conveyance, and interpretation. In the school team setting, creating a schedule for the aims and tasks required for every member will be my goal in identifying better communication skills. Also, listening keenly to the team members, a classmate's request, and arguments is a portion of my communication improvement task. This semester will be attentive to what other leaders of my level do and make the best of my communication mentors. As a leader, I will not fail my class, teammates, and the teacher through poor presentations and unidentified language in reports. Communication is vital while working as a group leader (TEDTALKS). Therefore, strengthening it is a concern to bettering my leadership quality this semester.

Overview of Best Practices

A good virtue of better communication is critical in leadership skills. For straightforward relation with employees, workmates, teammates, siblings, and the general community, one has to communicate efficiently in maintaining formal and informal activity flow thence avoid conflicts. In developing excellent communication behavior, one must strictly follow best practices in leadership, including formulating a clear personal expectations (TEDTALKS). Being a leader, own expectations to followers must be the first idea in mind before relaying any information (Avolio, 2011). Avoiding ambiguity is a proper route of giving clear rules for a team (Skipton & Lang, 2010). Besides, it is crucial to allow team members' opinions in the contribution of the topic- this uncovers the detail that is proper for a leader's speech or writing in directives and reports. Next is making expectations mutual amid teammates. Leaders have a position lying between two lookouts; leader's expectations and team members' expectations (Skipton & Lang, 2010). A conflict between these two is poison to the team's objectives. Therefore a leader has to mutualize the two ideologies and come up with a concrete conclusion about the topic. Lastly, leaders have to make strict regulations on the members' agreements and commitment by issuing and following tasks assigned the standards of performance, interaction, or disruptions among the teammates and points of role converging (Skipton & Lang, 2010). By this, the leader has to make each member feel incorporated in the plans, be susceptible in the consent of the role assumed to them, and have a similar schedule to that of the leader. This kind of communication better the outcome of the leadership and workers' commitment- conflicts are minimized, and if any, they are appropriately solved.

Action Plan

With the recommendations of bettering my weaknesses in communication, I have an execution plan. The plan entails four ways of implementing the proposals, which will be vital for me. First is the establishment of a measurement baseline (Skipton & Lang, 2010). This step includes evaluating my progress toward fostering the attribute of communication. In this first plan, I plan to employ the acronym SMART- specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time cautious (Niehaus, 2012). I have a target of my interpersonal skills in public relations and my wellness in clear communication. In this case, I will ensure a positive grading every time I anticipate in public speaking. The second step is keeping my audience in need as the priority during communication. This strategy tables a measurable aspect of merging the audience's preferences and communication actions that meet these needs (Niehaus, 2012). The measurement will serve as an informational understanding assessment and also monitor the audience's attention. Thirdly is the consideration of the strategic actions in my communication. This way, I plan to demonstrate the commitment I have for better information channeling (Avolio, 2011). This strategy takes place in impacting the outcome of the connection but also considering the time. Time is essential in determining the level of effective communication results for leaders. In this token, I will allow some reactions from the teammates and siblings and gain a dimension of their expectations. Fourth is drive my accountability to realistic limits (Niehaus, 2012). My judging ability is determined by the level of communication accountability, which offers a reason for the audience's attention concentration and gives out better interpersonal message delivery and consultancy. The audience will gain the gits to ask questions to a well-committed leader who accounts for their message.


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