Internet Censorship in China, Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-22
Internet Censorship in China, Free Essay Example
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Internet censorship in China has become extreme due to the wide variety of laws and administrative regulations which control the content transferred over the internet. This has brought about so many disagreements between the government and the internet users. Many feel that the restrictions regulate the progress of the country advancement in technology. This is due to the advancement of the sector, and the online internet society fell the exclusion as the government imposes control over the content they can access. The China population has come up with different approaches so as to fight against the internet censorship by the government. Within the paper, different means used by the Chinese people to fight the policy will be discussed extensively (Liang, Bin, and Hong).

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The formation of the internet activist has greatly opposed the government internet censorship. The activists have been fighting the censorship claiming that the legislation by the government has been limiting their access to information. With the importance of information, the activists claim that the government is limiting the ability of the people to utilize information (Hassid). The internet has been the new home of information and the control of access to this information limits the Chinese citizens. The firewall set up by the government has greatly affected this flow of information.

The activist has also accused the government of dictatorship which is against the international human rights. A government is not supposed to impose its law on the subjects if the law affects the freedom of speech among other freedoms such as access to information. The government has been using the policy to control the information the people access, and the information that is shared with other countries. The government has been utilizing the policy to cover its tracks in relation to matters that they need the world to access. The activists have used these bases to pass their motions via different platforms such as social media so as to gain the attention of the world (Jiang). The social media moves by the activists have been receiving serious retaliation from the government to the extent of individuals arrested in the process. Other strategies such as public demonstrations have been carried out in the country. The activists have played a huge role in the fighting the policy although the government has been hesitant to take part in response to the claims of the demonstrations or the claims of the people.

The other used means to bypass the government policy has been the use of VPN software these have been used by most of the internet users to hide their IP addresses. This has been the widely used technology that has been used to hide the location of the users' computers and to redirect them to other countries so as to bypass the firewall set by the government. There have been loopholes in the firewall, and most of the online users have been utilizing the premium VPN software. One good example has been the use of HideMyAss (HMA) VPN. The software enables the user to switch their location automatically and get their internet traffic redirected to the other country with no restriction. Over the past few months, the government has played a huge role to control such software with little success. The software works by locating free IP addresses located in different countries such as US Ukraine, Russia, and other countries so as to control the access to the internet. The limitation to this approach to fight the government policy is the need for financing since all these software require capital so as to operate. One can purchase premium packages among other packages so as to utilize the software.

The coders have also played a huge role in fighting the government policy by the serious development of the dark web and creating sockets for the able users to connect to so as to bypass the government firewall which is used to control. The dark web by most of the advanced internet users has been the best mode used to bypass the government firewall which has used the IP masking technology so as to bypass the security measures. The government policy has limited the access to some of the most of crucial websites which are leading in technological advancement platforms in relation to information sharing. The government has implemented an advanced team of professionals who have helped track down some of the best coders in the country so as to control the IP masking technology used by most of the advanced users. Coders have been on the front line on the fight against the government policies. The coders have made it their goal to search for firewall loopholes which have been shared over the dark web for users to utilize so as to access some of the restricted sources over the internet.

The education system has also had a hard time due to the restrictions by the government. It has become hard for researchers accessing information for their projects, and this has led to an uprising by the scientist within the country due to the issue. The hardship of accessing information for their research has greatly aggravated most of the education administrators, and different motions have been raised claiming the freedom of information access and the need for the government to stop interfering with the flow of information in the country. The most recent issue has been researched by some leading scientist in the country that has had to use different means so as to access the information relevant to their research. The motion raised has addressed the increased cost associated with accessing information that could have been accessed easily by the users if the government has not implemented the access of information from the internet.

The implementation of the policy by the government on the on the censorship on the access to the internet has also been criticized by many other foreign countries over the oppression of the citizen on the limitation of communication. The internet has been used as a tool for communication, but the China government has used the matter on propaganda control as a reason for the censorship of internet access in the country. In the actual sense, most of the foreign bodies have argued that the government should allow the people to have unlimited access to the communication platform so as to ensure that the world is aware of all the proceedings in the country (Jiang). This has been a promotion factor behind the internet users' activists in the country. Looking at the issue from a different country's perspective, the people within the country need to be more active in the fight against internet control in the country.

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