Advantages of the Internet Essay Samples

Published: 2018-03-05
Advantages of the Internet Essay Samples
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Why is it important to use the internet

The internet is lauded as being a transformational invention of the 20th century that has revolutionized the daily life of human beings. Notably, the impact which the internet has reaches every facet of human life. In this regard, it has changed to the better the lives of human beings by making life easier. To begin with, the internet has greatly changed how communication occurs between various people. Thanks to the internet, it now easy at the push of a button to have real-time communication with a person several hundreds of miles away not only in audio but also in visual and written forms. Secondly, the internet has simplified and streamlined the education system which has enabled the service to be provided in more simpler and diverse forms. Owing to the connectivity provided by the internet, it is not surprising that it is currently possible to enroll in an education program online and complete it without having to meet your tutor physically. Additionally, the internet has been a channel useful in enhancing of both local and international security. This is so because the connectivity provided by the internet is useful to the security agencies as it fosters communication among the agencies with the ultimate benefit of better security. Furthermore, the internet has been advantageous to the business community in both retail and wholesale as well as local and international trade. In essence, online platforms allow for shoppers to use the internet to order for items that they require, they can pay online via the internet after which the ordered items are delivered to the doorstep of the buyer. Additionally, banking services can be provided online which facilitates business people in obtaining safe banking services remotely which is highly beneficial to their business. In addition, the internet has also eased the life of human beings in the field of entertainment and leisure. in essence, a plethora of entertainment sites which avail myriad forms of entertainment items such as music, videos, and movies to mention but a few are available on the internet. The internet thus provides an opportunity for one to obtain the preferred type of entertainment whenever and wherever they want. Finally, the internet has revolutionized how people work. It is now common practice that most organizations have Internet-based portals on which most of the organization's work is done. This implies not only an easier way of monitoring the productivity of employees but also an opportunity to work from remote locations not necessarily centralized in an office. Evidently, the internet has an impact on virtually every aspect of the contemporary human life ranging from work and business to education and information. In this way, the internet contributes to making life easier for everyone making an advantageous invention. It suffices to mention, however, that there may be demerits from the usage of the internet such as cybersecurity threats powered by the internet and the propagation of vices such terrorism, human trafficking, and pornography. Despite the few cases of malutilization of the internet, overall the internet has many advantages as outlined above and it has immensly made human life much easier.

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What are the advantages of internet?

The advent of the internet has transformed the various forms of communication and other modes of communication since it came into existence. The world has changed into a global village and has been characterized by the increased exchange of ideas and improved development programs; thanks to the invention of the internet. The first country in the global world to adopt the use of the internet for communication purposes was the US. It adopted the system mainly in its military functions. from the communication perspective, the internet has opened various platforms that have improved human interaction through businesses and other developmental programs. Certainly, the internet has positively impacted the communication platform in many dimensions.

First of all, the invention of the internet has enabled the increased use of email as a form of a communication system in most firms and institutions. For instance, most of the global companies, financial institutions, and education bodies have to a large extent adopted the use of the email. It is considered to be the fastest arena on which managers can converse with the other employees. Additionally, most firms use the email as a platform to conduct their recruitment functions. For example, they provide interested applicants with their emails where such people are required to submit the needed documents as specified in the job description advertisements.

Another thing is that the internet has promoted customer services in various aspects. For example, in Twitter and Facebook, the internet acts as a medium in which customers and company owners interact. In this scenario, complaints passed over to any firm are easily handled, and resolutions reached effectively. Customer services are calls for politeness, honesty, and discipline. Therefore, it is imperative for customer service providers to exercise all these tenents to effectively promote social media communications with the other uses. Improved customer relations, in turn, are crucial in promoting business activities and promoting customer confidence and trust . For sure, it is an effective tool that makes potential and already existing customers make informed decisions that are rationally based on the information gathered from the social media sites.

In addition, the advent of the internet has impacted the health and service provision in various aspects. For instance, most global people seek medical help and other services online through the internet. An estimated 4.8 million individuals sought online health. The figures were extracted from a survey conducted from a CyberDialogue or a health day survey of about 2000 persons. Most of these individuals used the available e-health sites, and their use of such platforms grew tremendously. The available data and other valuable information inform interested persons on matters that relate to diet and nutrition, children's health, and pharmaceutical knowledge. In essence, the internet through these e-health sites has enhanced the promotion of better health and health practices in the long run.

All in all, it is imperative to acknowledge the great benefits the internet has impacted the communication sector. Communication process in most of the firms and other institutions has been fully utilized. Moreover, customer services have been promoted in many instances and have been adopted as a mechanism to quell the rise of complaints from various companies and bodies. Communication on health matters has been enhanced via the use of e-health platform. The advantages of the internet are tremendous and cannot be underestimated, which has made life easier.

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