Multitasking in the Game Industry. Free Essay on Project Management.

Published: 2019-06-11
Multitasking in the Game Industry. Free Essay on Project Management.
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Game development is a source entertainment under which software development is enhanced to form a video game. Games are generated as an artistic outlet with the main purpose being to source income. When creating a game, it is the publishers duty to offer resources needed for a game development to be effected. Games that are properly made have the tendency of generating enough income to the company. Throughout this part of the essay, it will cover the two areas of impact on a game development when a significant milestone is missed and the main elements in a project that can cause the greatest risk of failure.

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The game development consists of several milestones that could create an impact on its productivity. According to Bethke (2003), one of the most significant impacts is the financial requirements, for instance, the initial cost needed to produce a game. The lack of providing enough suggestions of the game prospects may lead to exceeding planned financial plan. Majority of the game developers lacks the potential to alter modifying development plan and needs to approximate their possibilities depending on the readily available resources prior to game production (Mureta, 2011).

The second impact arises as a result of lack of idea or concept. The concept or the idea determines if the product will be accepted in the market or not (Larson et al., 2013). Game developers often give a try on diverse mixtures of genres. Due to different experiments on the different types, it results in wastage of time and resources to the company hence leading to a loss.

The key elements in a project that can run the greatest risk of failure vary depending on the type of project. According to Field (1997), projects tend to fail due to possibilities that are not valued or were never understood. Hoffman (2003) on the other hand states that projects undergo failure due to the inadequate arrangement of the IT departments and business operators. The project superintendents should serve as the overseers of the project to ensure that every process is running smoothly. Last but not least, Hulme (1997) argues that projects fail due to management continuity and an encouragement system that motivates excessively hopeful approximates of the benefits that can be achieved by running a project.


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