Essay on Improving Consulting Proposal: Addressing Critical Aspects

Published: 2023-09-16
Essay on Improving Consulting Proposal: Addressing Critical Aspects
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In the above consulting project proposal submitted to the respective client, there are various aspects of business consulting that the plan falls short of. For instance, the proposal’s background lacks the necessary initiative and motivation for the intended recipient. The opening statement say’s “the store wasn’t meant to be a highly profitable operation. The store was meant to be the “image and face” of the company to the community.” The proposal considered that a break-even or the slightest profits would be enough to meet the company’s expectations.

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This is a project proposal document that lacks the necessary project initiative motivation, which is essential for goal realization. With such objectives, the team building activities of the project implementation process requires any motivational goals. To come up with productive team building activities, the project proposal objectives need to be stated in a clear and target-oriented manner which will ensure that there is the setting of a work-oriented team building tone at the early onset of the project.

The University (culture change) Preview the document

The consulting project proposal submitted to the respective client to the University (culture change) has addressed safety as an organizational issue that is dependent on cultural change in an organization. However, the proposal fails to address the more pressing societal concerns of cultural change in the corporate setting in a time when employers are embracing the concept of diversity in the workplace today. I feel that the author has failed to address more pressing organizational concerns such as the impact of cultural change on organizational productivity. Other pressing issues that could have been discussed include employees’ responsiveness to cultural change in the workplace.

Ram Charan’s and Josh Bersin’s Perspectives on the Role and Value of HR

The above two authors have managed to outline the various roles of HR, where each author has addressed a wide array of issues. Ram Charan’s perspective on the part of HR is oriented towards the role of the human resource management department in facilitating the development of a harmonic social working environment within an organization. Josh Bersin’s perspective consequently focuses on the part of the employees in adhering to the set of rules and guidelines outlined by the HRM department in facilitating productive interactions between the employees. I consider Josh Bersin’s perspective to be more realistic and applicable as it is the individual responsibility of the employees to ensure that they can engage in constructive ways with their fellow employees and thus facilitate the development of better social relations within the organizational setting.

Elements that David Ulrich Describes that HR Practitioners Must do to Add Value

The two elements that David Ulrich describes that HR practitioners must do to add value that I consider to carry the most weight are organizational culture and leadership. The corporate culture refers to the operational principles which bound a particular enterprise and distinguish it from other enterprises. A good organizational culture provides a hospitable working environment for the employees’ thus increasing productivity. As a result, HR is charged with the responsibility of developing a productive corporate culture that facilitates value addition for the organization. Consequently, leadership is an equally important element that HR practitioners should exercise accordingly to ensure that there is a provision of inspiration and motivation for the employees. These two elements of HR are instrumental for the development of a reputable organization with its policies which is expected to improve productivity and facilitate goal realization.

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