What Brings Joy In My Life? Personal Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-10
What Brings Joy In My Life? Personal Essay Example
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Living in a joyful life is indispensably significant and is an aspect that every human being eventually wants in their life. It is a feeling that lack sadness and circumstances that are not surrounded with predicaments. Notably, human beings are emotional and often experience a broad range of feeling in their daily encounters. While feeling sad may make people lose focus in certain activities they undertake, joyful life creates peace in individuals lives that make them organize their daily endeavors. In my life there several activities that have brought joy and still bring joy in my life that do not only support me psychology but has also revealed to me the real meaning of life.

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What brings me joy in my life is success especially in education. I have to admit that I have not been among the top students but I am not among those who occupy the last positions. In simple term, I am not academically frustrated since I do pass my examinations. So much hope is bestowed on me by my parents; hence, failing is one thing that would bring a lot of sadness and shivers in my life. However, the opposite always happen; I do pass my tests, something that has been the source my joy while I am in school. Therefore, being prosperous in my education, I believe I will land in a better course and do a good well-paying job that will always be the source of my happiness.

The next thing that brings joy in my life is being surrounded by loving parents and friends. I was brought from a humble family that knows God; hence, my attachment with God is that tight. My parents are lovely and support me in all circumstances that call for their help. Particularly, from education to the social life, they have been supportive throughout. To sum up, they are the greatest people I have ever had. Additionally, I have two friends that will always make me happy in cases that I happen to be sad. They advise me as though they are my parents. This feeling of togetherness creates joy in my life.

Another aspect that brings joy in my life is that I am a respectful person who does not hurt other people. Due to the fact that I want to remain happy throughout my life, I also ensure that people I engage with do not get hurt. For example, one day I was pleased to hear a friend telling people that she would love to be like me since there is no single time I have offended individuals. However, if I do, I apologize and pray over it. Therefore, the feeling that I am perceived in the society as an individual who ensures other peoples happiness is an aspect that brings joy in my life.

Following the discussion herein, it suffices that living in a joyful is vitally imperative and every human being ultimately require in their life. In that regard, there are several aspects that bring joy in my life. The first one is the ability to do better in my education which gives me hope of getting a good job in future. Moreover, having loving parents is also the source of my joy. Lastly, the feeling that I do ensure others people happiness also brings hoy to my life.

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