Essay Example on Apple Inc. in a Competitive Environment

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on Apple Inc. in a Competitive Environment
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Within a majority of the biggest corporations, the macro environment and competitive environment deliver a significant impact to organizations. These competitive and macroenvironment factors not only render the shift of the markets but impact organizations as a whole. Competitive factors that impact corporations may include rivals, new competitors, suppliers, customers, and substitute services while macroenvironmental factors entail the economy, technology, demographics, and laws and regulations, along with social values. With these macroenvironmental and competitive factors, they deliver a tremendous impact on businesses and affect the overall markets or international market. However, this paper will define the competitive and environmental factors impacting Apple Inc, with its competitors with Samsung being one of the biggest competitors.

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Apple Inc. is considered as amongst the highest reputable organizations in the digital industry and PC internationally. Over the years, Apple's success and competitive advantage revolve around active supply chain management, string branding, premium pricing along with a dominant innovative atmosphere (Babatunde & Adebisi, 2012). Moreover, the company's manufacture of a variety of consumer electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, music players, and laptops, these are among the backbone of Apple's competitive advantage over other competitors notably Samsung. Nonetheless, rivals, new competitors, customers, and substitute services are amongst the primary competitive environment factors that are impacting Apple Inc. For instance, when considering Apple's rivals, major corporations are pushing the competition. For example, Microsoft has been among the biggest rivals in a majority of the delivery of the products. In consideration of the new competitors in the market, Samsung is delivering a tremendous impact and competition (Piao & Kleiner, 2015). It means that, in the smartphone production, Apple Inc. and Samsung are in competition, particularly with Galaxy S. It means that, these new competitors, in this case, Samsung are impacting Apple's business environment (Khan & Alam, 2015). On the other hand, the substitute services are affecting Apple Inc differently. For example, Google is developing substitute products and services which means a steady competition with Apple Inc. moreover, Samsung is also impacting the substation of services and products with among the competitive environmental factors affecting Apple's overall operating environment. As for the customer preferences, Apple Inc is a consumer-oriented company since it links with other alliances such as General Electric and IBM to penetrate the enterprise market (Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., 2018).

Correspondingly, there are macroenvironmental factors that are forming Apple's overall business environment. The technology, demographics and social values are among the macroenvironmental factors involved. For the longest time, there has been significant development and evolution when it comes to technology. Depending on the levels of technology in each organization, this is delivering a dominant impact on Apple Inc. and its competition with Samsung. As technology is developing both organizations are improving their technology, meaning that this impacts the company's overall operations. Similarly, the issue of demographics is another macroenvironmental factor impacting Apple's competitive market. For example, the demographics are changing and evolving with the various changes in the economy, technology, and social values as well. Demographics is among the significant factors that Apple Inc highly depends since these are among the rapidly changing technologies. Thus, it impacts Apple Inc. since there are higher players in the markets such as Samsung; hence, for Apple to survive, there must be consistency in the services and products (Jurevicius, 2017).


To sum everything up, Within the social value factors, Apple Inc. is creating a proper customer relationship as customers are remaining loyal. In achieving consumer loyalty. Apple Inc. has managed to establish a proper competitive advantage. The competitive and macroenvironmental aspects are delivered a significant impact on the overall business environment, particularly in affecting competition.


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