Nursing Essay Example: The Safety of the Patients

Published: 2019-11-11
Nursing Essay Example: The Safety of the Patients
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The safety of the patients is an important quality of nursing. However, the health care systems are prone to errors, which can be harmful to safe patient care. A variety of individuals including the nurses has the duty of ensuring the care of patients is safely delivered. Accountability and responsibility are the heart of nursing. When accountability exists in an organization, individuals build credibility for themselves and the organization by holding each other accountable.

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As a student and future professional nurse, I will demonstrate my responsibility and accountability in different ways. For instance, I will ensure that the evidence of adverse drug reaction is reported to the relevant authorities. Additionally, I will make sure that I am personally accountable and responsible for my nursing conduct and practice to meet the legislative requirements and professional standards. Ensuring that I offer nursing care, which is consistent with colleges policies, will help me provide my patients with quality services.

Participating in the quality improvement practices will help me identify the areas that need improvement in the nursing profession for the safety of the clients. Furthermore, to enhance accountability as a nurse student, I will ensure that I comply with the code of ethics, which are adopted by the council according to section 183 of HPA. I will also take action where it is appropriate to promote safety provision and proper ethical care to the patients. Additionally, as a student nurse and future professional, I will ensure that I advocate for and help in developing practices and standards, which are consistent with the nursing profession. Being accountable and responsible will help me offer quality services to my clients, which is my main goal in the nursing profession. Question seven

I conceive the nursing profession not as a way of gaining financial goals but as an opportunity to learn passionately the best ways of fostering the value of human life. My seeking admission into the course is a culmination of diverse experience with the overwhelming challenges facing humanity, especially the underprivileged members of the society who face the challenge of battling diseases with an already low value attached to life. My community service in the inner cities as a high school student allowed me to develop a certain urge to alleviate the suffering of sick people from a professional standpoint. Moreover, my understanding of the various innovative nursing theories and models including the Nightingale theory and Jean Watsons theory of human caring among several other theories predispose me to the actual attainment of an accurate understanding of my career obligations as a training nurse.

I believe in the continuity of learning which as a hallmark of the nursing profession. In essence, nursing to me implies a field that is replete with dynamic innovations, personalized care, and sharing of information. I am open to this continuum of learning not only as a means of ensuring value for human life but as also a way of achieving my passion in becoming a distinguished nurse in the international arena. To this end, I will not only endeavor to obtain personal goals as a nursing professional but also to uphold the reputation of University of Buffalo school of nursing as a leading institution in developing qualified nurses.

Buffalo University School of nursing is an institution that provides access to challenging learning environments while at the same time providing adequate information necessary to accomplish such challenges. Therefore, I believe that it will enable me in unlocking my dream of actively redefining human life as a dignified nurse. My high values of honesty, accountability, and morality reinforce my desire to pursue the nursing profession at the Buffalo School of Nursing.

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