Mount Saint Vincent University - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-27
Mount Saint Vincent University - Essay Sample
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Mount Saint Vincent University or Mount is a public institution offering undergraduate courses in Nova, Halifax, Canada, and Scotia. The University was established around 1873 to offer programs in Science, Arts, Professional Studies, and Education. The institution attracts more learners due to its location and small size of class. Hence, the research paper analysis the PEST of the Mount and how porter's five applies to the institution.

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Pest Analysis

Political factors

Recent evidence indicated that Mount has been facing management problems associated with institutional and governmental levels (Blayney, Cormier-MacBurnie, and Young 30). For instance, the government places more learners within the University irrespective of minimal resources. The statistics also indicated that around 20 percent of students in the Mount is from abroad, leading to legal and regulatory issues associated with discrimination (Gregory and Thurlow 2).


The political factors influence the Mount because the government placing diverse students makes it difficult to offer quality education due to competition over available resources. For instance, undergraduates who pursue practical courses lack enough equipment to perform their practical subjects. The government allocates little funds within the institution making Mount unable to pay workers both teaching and non-teaching staff. The situation makes it hard to provide quality education and sports to students compared to other higher institutions.

Economic factors

The economic factors affect Mount since many learners are forced to get a vast amount of debt to finance their degrees. The statistics indicated that more graduates are unable to pay their fees due to financial constraints (Perron 105)


The increase in student debt makes the University unable to pay loans, a scenario that tarnishes its reputation. Lack of funds makes Mount face issues when managing the institution in resource provision like learning materials, electrical bills, water, and staff. Also, the picture within the University makes students unable to secure higher-paying jobs compared to other universities.

Socio-cultural factors

The recent research argued that Mount enrolls students from diverse backgrounds leading to an increase in population (Gregory and Thurlow 2). Diversity affects how students perceive and view education, particularly the courses they are pursuing.


The institution's growth rate has made more students engage in delinquency behavior like alcohol and drug use, prostitution, and theft due to lack of discipline. It is difficult to impact discipline and moral ethics due to the lack of enough staff in the counseling department.

Technological factors

The Mount has invested in e-learning to ensure students access education resources since it saves time and money. Online learning has improved education because of its convenience and accessibility.


Online learning is improving the quality of education, although Mount has not emulated advanced technology to allow instructors and students to organize lecture meetings or do their examinations online. The University is relying on the traditional method of teaching and instructing like face to face.

Porters Five Forces

New Entrance Threat

The risk of new entrance is linked with barriers to entry to a specific industry.

Mount has created loyalty and reputation, depending on how it serves the students. Graduates do exemplary work in the corporate world, especially the organization that they work. The institutions have many branches to accommodate diverse learners from various locations, backgrounds, and countries to enhance quality education. However, an increase in competition from other institutions makes Mount unable to enroll more undergraduate students leading to less profitability.

Competitive Rivalry

Competition exists within the University, depending on the quality of education and services offered. Its ranking and reputation strengthens Mount because it can pay and recruit top professors to offer better research knowledge and conditions. Competent employees provide quality learning making the University reputable.


After completing the undergraduate program, the students may have substitutes in the job market the case with buyers who have different options depending on the kind of commodity offered. In this case, the learners either enrolling a business degree may decide to work as consultancy or in financial sectors depending on salary increment. University may also consider substitutes when employing workers. For example, it may employ a degree graduate instead of a masters level because the higher the education level, the vast the salary.

Buyer's Power

Learners are the primary buyer's power in the institutions.

Students are supposed to follow the admission process, unlike other buyers, due to the management nature. According to different studies, learners are potential buyers because they are not conversant with courses University offers, meaning that customers purchase the product they don't understand (Joy, Mann and Blotnicky 10). Also, students do not enroll in the course twice the same case with buyers who buy products once irrespective of the quality. Therefore, learners are uninformed buyers because they understand the importance of the course during professional life.


The suppliers are department within the institution like faculty, which ensures learning activities continues. Faculty comprises of professors and assistant professors under employment contracts. In acquiring bargaining power, the institution faculty understands the business practices acquired through consultancy and managerial experience. Thus, Mount struggles to absorb diverse expertise to improve the bargaining power of faculty as a supplier to the University.

Competitor Analysis

The Mount offers various non-academic and academic services and facilities to learners, including housing, financial aids, online courses, and administrative services. The Mount has loyalty and reputation due to adequate programs, small classes, and personalized education. Mount Saint Vincent University is rewarding, creates passion, and eager for academic excellence. In sports, the University produces good soccer, basketball, volleyball, and rugby men and women. Therefore, Mount is committed and dedicated to sports and education to withstand the competitors. However, Mount encounters competition from Mount Allison University, Algoma University, Mount Royal University, and University of Westminster (Blayney, Cormier-MacBurnie and Young 30).

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