The National School Lunch Program Essay Sample

Published: 2018-04-10
The National School Lunch Program Essay Sample
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Policy Analysis Model

Some of the merits of evaluation framework model include demonstrating how activities involving the National School Lunch program will help in analysing and understanding this program. The reason is that the model focuses on the relationship between the applications of an effective solution. Additionally, it considers the adoption of the solution relevant to implementing the idea of the national school lunch program. Most of the students in the middle class do not have the capability of meeting the costs for the lunch program. Thus, this model will help in identifying how best the students can be assisted through the program.

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This model is also beneficial because it applies different evaluation methods against the framework, which has proven to be effective. The application of different methods is necessary because it ensures the achievement of the best results of the program. The model helps in developing sound evaluation and monitoring plans and application of the activities that involve NSL program, which will help both the students in private and public schools. This program can assist in identifying the barriers that exist in the program, which requires implementation. The barriers are identified by articulating the goals and objectives of the NSL program. Defining the goals play a significant role in knowing how best the model can be applied to enhance its success.

This model plays a critical role in identifying the flexible approach that that helps in the identification of the flexible approach used in understanding the progress towards the objectives. The reason is that this model has the necessary content. Additionally, the system is of high quality as it performs various functions efficiently and ensures that the performance of the model is efficient.

Challanges in Analysis Model of Policy

The model has some challenges including unreliability. The model is not reliable and cannot produce the same results when evaluating a program. Therefore, this will make it difficult to get results of the National School Lunch program. This issue makes it difficult for one to use the program successfully. The unreliability of the model can also dilute and obscure the real effects of the program, which will make it appear less useful. The model is not also valid. Validity refers to the extent in which in which a model measures what it is intended. Thus, this paradigm can be challenging in accurately measuring the general use of the evaluations. At times, the stakeholders might not consider it practical.

The evaluation framework model can be strengthened for optimal policy analysis by identifying the objectives of assessment activities. Identification of these activities helps in enhancing the model because the stakeholders will know the goals that must be achieved to make the program efficient. Additionally, the model can be reinforced by developing an effective plan before the activities of the program are implemented.

National Lunch Program Stakeholders in School

The stakeholders of the National School Lunch program include learners, parents, teachers, school committee members, and nutrition experts. The people who will benefit from this program include the students who will have the chance of getting a balanced diet from school. Additionally, the parents stand to benefit from the program since they will not incur the costs of paying for a balanced diet for their children when they are in school. However, this program causes the problem to the state that funds the program. The reason for this cost burden is that it requires a lot of finances for the implementation and sustainability of the policy.

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