Essay Sample on the Value of College Education

Published: 2019-09-04
Essay Sample on the Value of College Education
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People have dreams of a bright future and can be easily accomplished through acquiring education. One must go school to have to gain skills and knowledge that are needed in a lifetime. There are different levels of education in a formal learning that is early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary. Higher education that is also known as higher education is like University, College, and Vocational training. Different people value education for various purposes. For an instance, some people go to school to obtain a better job. Others want to get the satisfaction of completing a degree, and others are forced to have an education because of the family background. For the individuals who takes college education serious benefit from it because it opens a way to future success. The justification of this paper is to discuss the importance getting of higher education, how education has created jobs for different kind of people and the economy improvement.

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Higher Education develops ones mental and moral values; this can be how someone behaves. When joining the college, one already has in mind what to study but have no idea or knowledge on how to do it. By joining the college, one will have a greater interest in the field of study and will find it very comfortable for there will be new ideas and opportunities to share with others (Tight 20). Through learning, one can identify capability and weakness once these are pointed out; a goal that can lead to success is set and then achieved. Through the identification of these trends, one can have more knowledge in learning and profession. Education has prepared people who are famous and unique.

College education helps one in acquiring a job that can be of ones career or even different. At this moment, a college education is a minimum requirement for getting a job in a company. An educated person gets well-paid jobs with pensions and various benefits while working your career are boosted hence gaining more experience (Stephenson and Yorke 13). The employers will consider an educated person compared to those who did not attend the college, and this makes this person earn much more money than the other one. Those who are educated are believed to be knowledgeable, have a great understanding and are respected by the working mates. One can work in different companies across the continent because of the skills gained in college with higher education can be of great help to the economy, they are more helpful to the improvement of the economy.

Some countries globally are competing for each other economically through international trade, in a county many companies and industries will participate in the market. Companies with well-educated and trained employees will qualify for the challenge; there may be a significant loss to a company with less educated employees than that with well-educated ones (Altbach, Gumport & Berdahl 45). Most of the employers want someone who is able to add more advantage to the company, and so those who are educated can perform more chores hence bring benefit to the company and economy.

Education is the key to every success without it; one cannot have a better life. In this modern world, no child should be at home without education; parents should provide the necessary for their children to learn. The student should make sure that they reach a higher level of education to stand a chance of having a brighter future. Everyone expects respect from others, but you cannot have full compliance in a society when you are not learned. I believe that everyone have a better chance of getting education no matter what race or gender and from each country in the continent.

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