Free Essay on Montana: The Best Bet to Survive a Virus Outbreak

Published: 2023-09-12
Free Essay on Montana: The Best Bet to Survive a Virus Outbreak
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The United States is the epicenter of COVID-19 infections, having recorded the highest number of infections as well as deaths. As of 22 June 2020, the total numbers of reported Covid-19 cases and deaths stood at 2,275,645 and 119,923, respectively (CDC, 2020). However, the cases vary between states as some like Florida and New York have recorded high numbers while some like Montana have few cases. As of 22nd June 2020, Montana had only recorded seven hundred and thirty-four positive cases, five hundred and fifty recoveries, and twenty-one deaths (Bozeman n.p). Therefore, Montana is one of the states that seem to be secure against the pandemic. The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed discussion of why this state might be the best bet to survive the virus outbreak which includes low population density, closure of public areas, and healthcare preparedness.

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Montana is the nation's fourth-biggest state and is well identified with large open spaces, tight-knight small populations, and high levels of individualism. According to McLaughlin (n.p), the state has a population size of around one million and which is scattered all over. Therefore, communities living within the state are quite isolated with little or no meaningful interactions with outsiders. With little human activities and interactions, the state offers a better opportunity to survive the pandemic. Social distancing in this state is quite natural hence minimal chances for the spread of COVID-19 virus.

In attempts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 infections, the state government of Montana led by its Governor, Steve Bullock institutionalized the closure of public spaces much earlier than other states. The imposition of restrictions and closures was meant to ensure adherence to social distancing practices (McLaughlin n.p). As a result, public gatherings and crowds have been limited to eliminate possible chances for the spread of the pandemic. The move saw the closure of learning institutions, encouragement of teleworking for workers, restrictions on outdoor recreations, and operation standards for businesses. The state also guarantees security over the disease by lifting the closures in several phases and ensuring that safety measures are strictly adhered to. An example of these strict measures includes the expansion of gatherings to fifty people, the opening of recreational centers, and expanding restaurant capacities to 75% (Hettinger n.p). However, living facilities for senior populations are still restricted, and people encourage to disinfect frequently and wear masks.

The state of Montana has also ramped up COVID-19 testing to ensure any possible or emerging cases are easily identified. The state has acquired more personal testing kits and protective equipment to ensure the safety of the citizens (Hettinger n.p). The state has enhanced its capacity for contact tracing, a factor that has positively contributed to identify almost half of the recorded cases. The state has continuously heightened the number of surveillance tests in different areas, including tribal areas, nursing homes, tourism communities, and in correctional facilities (MTN News n.p). The hospitals in Montana are also well equipped with intensive care units and beds to guarantee proper medical care for any possible and emerging cases. With the high level of preparedness, the state offers better chances to survive the outbreak.

In conclusion, Montana is the best bet to survive the COVID-19 outbreak as it offers a combination of small population size, relative remoteness, and a political will that place it in a better position in responding to the pandemic as compared to other states. As a result, Montana is one of the immune states with the best opportunity to identify any new cases and respond to them before they can spread further. Though the state promises security over the pandemic, citizens need to take precautionary measures and avoid any practices that may jeopardize their immunity.

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