Is Vaping with e-Cigarettes Safe? - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-28
Is Vaping with e-Cigarettes Safe? - Essay Sample
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In recent years, vaping has been a major concern all over the world, and the idea has been trending online with its debate happening in almost every country. Notably, vaping has often demonstrated tremendous negative consequences regarding human health compared to the positive effects on people’s lives, despite such impacts on human health, many people, especially the youths who vape more than any other population category. More precisely, vaping has caused significant damage to the lung to a situation where breathing becomes more difficult. For instance, Jerome Adams, who was a surgeon in the United States, had declared that the use of an e-cigarette by the young people was epidemic. It was after a report revealed that there was approximately 900% increase in vaping among students from 2011 up to 2015 (ProCon Organization 1). Therefore, it is true that vaping with an e-cigarette is not safe but harmful to people’s health. The paper seeks to explore reasons why vaping with an e-cigarette is not safe; thus, focusing on its negative effects on human health.

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In 2019, the report by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) revealed about six deaths that were linked to vaping and more than 450 lung illness which were also linked to e-cigarette (ProCon Organization 1). Undeniably, the report has also suggested that many people who involve in vaping tend to have more than 71% increase in the chances of getting stroke and about 40% chances of suffering from heart diseases (ProCon Organization 2). More importantly, vaping may also cause cardiovascular harm and the arterial stiffness as well as increases the chances of heart attack by close to 42% (ProCon Organization 2). According to Johns Hopkins and other scientists, the e-cigarette can release toxic metals which comes from heating coils; thereby, causing health problems, including respiratory irritation, kidney illness and shortness of breath among other issues.

More imperatively, vaping may lead to severe damage to the lung. For instance, during vaping, nicotine and other toxic chemicals may enter the lung and goes to the body; thereby, damaging other organs as well. Undeniably, the study has shown a significant death due to lung dame by such chemicals as a result of vaping (ProCon Organization 3). Additionally, research by CDC has also indicated that people who practice vaping develop symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) such as chest tightness, respiratory infections, and coughing (ProCon Organization 3). Such symptoms show that vaping has caused fundamental damage to the lung. Therefore, vaping with an e-cigarette is not safe but causes harm to human health that has led to the death of many people.

Understandably, the e-cigarette is dangerous as it can explode or even catch fire; this can lead to the loss of several parts of the body, including tongue, tooth or eye as well as burning of the mouth and loss of life. Evidently, research conducted by George Mason University revealed that many people who were seeking medication at the emergency room suffered from injuries caused by e-cigarette explosion from 2015 up to 2017 (ProCon Organization 3). Similarly, vaping with e-cigarette have caused damage to the brain. Thus, if the habit of vaping becomes a habit, especially for young people, it may harm the brain, which plays a significant role in decision-making.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that vaping with an e-cigarette is not safe at all, but it is more harmful compared to the use of tobacco. Notably, vaping allow the entry of toxic chemicals into the body, which can lead to health problems, including lung damage, brain and dangerous chronic disease of the heart. Such diseases may ultimately cause death among people. Despite many people claiming that vaping is better than other tobacco products, it is more dangerous because it contains a significant amount of nicotine that severely affect human health.

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