Essay Example: Mission, Interviews, and Orientation

Published: 2023-08-11
Essay Example: Mission, Interviews, and Orientation
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Institutional recruitment and induction are among the vital routines for an institution- teachers and tutors are responsible for the transformation of the educational system. Best teachers give the best results and require maximum support. Institutional learning can be hectic if the teachers are poorly selected and poorly maintained. In a dimensional act, both short-term and long-term contract teachers have to be susceptible to the curriculum and the culture of schools. Apart from assessing the teachers’ professionalism, other factors are necessary to evaluate the teacher’s capability through comparison. An extrovert teacher will have the best student relation while an introvert will make the best disciplinary teacher. A great chance arises during an interview or a teacher’s job vacancy statement. The headteacher is responsible for emulating and creating a panel that aids in the discussion, selection, and introduction of the new teachers to new working conditions (Totaro & Wise, 2018). The process can be hectic if not well-planned. However, through the formulation of a mission statement, interview, and orientation- the convenience of new teachers’ performance in the attainment of the school’s mission, visions, and regulations is attained. Through the mandate issued to me as a headteacher in my institution, I have to act best to my professionalism and inclusion. This presentation aims to describe the expected institutional teacher selection mission, focused interview program, and the final induction of teachers in the school through orientation. The schools and administrative measures are highly followed.

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The Mission Statement

Through the tutor's panel performance in indulgence, association, and support of willing, hardworking, and professional teachers, direct success is implicated in students' capability and performance.

The school has a shortage of required teachers for efficient performance. Through the aid of the school's administration, we should be indulging in new professional teachers. The process is meant to introduce new qualifications into the school system through upgrading. We believe that through a desirable fetching process, we will attain the kind of capable teachers required. The contract is permanent, and therefore no chances are to be taken. The purpose of the indulgent process aims at the student's and teachers' welfare. In this token, we need to maintain skilled teachers and bring about a product in curriculum and extracurricular relations with students. Also, provide the best working conditions for the existing teachers and others that will later enter the institution. This indulgence is not only purposed to attain professional teachers but mentors too. We have to get the working best team through the responsibility mandate to the institution to engage and gear the passions, visions, and qualities in our students.

The personnel that we aim to reach out are degree graduate-level professional teachers. This is the minimum qualification, and other support qualifications will be considered significant too. In essence, the applicants of the job have to be fully equipped in skills and be flexible with schedules and plans. The required teachers must be innovative in projects that relate to the welfare of the school. This necessary man’s experience is an attribute to qualification. Although there is no minimum qualification requirement, new professionals have to be aware of dos and don’ts in their careers through past working lessons. Unexperienced best-performing graduates will only be selected. There is an additional liability that can come from them—these liability expectations are base on games, talent support, and motivational canceling. The school values a clean letter of accord from law authoritarians. Any traces of crime is considered a misfit. Positive personal attributes are highly expected as the teaching field is an area of participation and socialization.

Through the process of indulgence, it is too high expectations that the teaching composition will maintain its high and quality impact on the student's performance. The school anticipates that only good conduct and professionalism will be portrayed by the hired teacher throughout the educational system programs. We hope for an unequivocal acceptance and engagement of the newly hired teachers in the orientation process and at work. A fundamental expectation norm within the student is that these teachers will increase the competitive environment to other schools through leveling up of curricular and extracurricular activity. Obedience to employers' rules and regulations is highly expected (Kane & Francis, 2013). A robust engagement to teachers' associations is a personal priority; our school anticipates a positive response by the new teachers towards the existing unions, which form a basis for innovation and improvement. We hope that the inducement process also improves the level of teachers' expectancy. For the teachers that expect maximum cooperation, we hope that the process will change their perspective of the institution. They may view the institution as a center of career excellence.

Plans that rotate through the process are based on proof checking on the qualifications and the interviewees. First, there is a broad panel that will ensure all applicants are attended in na dimension and in-depth interview. The schedule is planned for five hours a day, in a span of three days (Kane & Francis, 2013). Secondly, we plan to use digital methods of document verification. Through the grants already offered by the Ministry of Education and professional schools, we plan to have an excellent certification of the applicant's documents to ease our elimination process while ensuring the proper assessment. The third plan lies on the counterchecking of extra capabilities that will be necessary for a teacher in our institutions, by this, we plan to ask random questions concerning the type and engagement styles in the extra fields. The fourth plan is to include the general administrational staff in the process (Kane & Francis, 2013). Directly or indirectly, every crew will have a role during this process- the aim is to improve the existing worker's unity and flexibility. As some current teachers will get into the process, we plan to have an individual student learning schedule that week. Lastly, we plan to have a benchmark in the most successful indulgent operations by other institutions and improve n our expectations, regulations, program, and orientation.


The District Orientation Program

There is an educational instructional agreement for the methods of training within the area. The educational officers highly recommend a convectional orientation method in the district. In this kind of orientation, various de[artmntal officers notify the new teacher about the system—the program involves five sections (Paramasivan, 2015). First is the personal direction where the new teacher is introduced to the school's staff and the students. Secondly is the academic updates- the teacher is made familiar with fellow subject teachers, the department, and the classes he/she will be handling. Thirdly, the teaching orientation is where the teacher is oriented to the classrooms and institutional schedules of lessons, syllabi, and exams. The next step is the research and development orientation. The new teachers are introduced to the library, laboratory, and project fields within the institutions. Lastly is the extension activity orientation. In this section, teachers are introduced to various kinds of gaming, case studies, association, and institutional tie up, and mainly to the field of their extension interests (Paramasivan, 2015).


Interview regarding Marzano’s domain.

Describe your professionalism and quality attributes.

This question is general and requires creativity for the expected answers. However, professionalism involves documentation. In this case, the interviewers will pose a hard time for the candidate through the evaluation of performance. Questions include why get a standard and not a bet. Will mock the candidate and, in turn, portrays the attributes in them even without explanations. Therefore the enigma aims to attain reality from candidates.

What is your view on discrimination, and what are your measures toward it?

Also, this question portrays the attributes in a candidate but precisely the leadership attributes. Candidates with the best answers for the item be the most innovative and knowledgeable in students' and fellow workers' rights.

How do you plan to grow your subject field?

Innovation again is the answer to this question. Candidates will have to be creative and accommodating to ideas. The interviewers will garner much concerning the flexibility of the candidate to various working environments and plans. Besides, potential resource management issues will be identified.

Haberman's domain questions

Describe your field experience

This question will be asked to interviewees to fetch two essential aspects of their capability. The first is to determine whether the candidate is eligible for the subject that they are applying. Through field experience, the weaknesses f the candidates concerning career trials will arise.

What is your program's emphasis?

This question will not only portray the passion of the interview but will also show the candidate's willingness to the mentioned job. Furthermore, the innovations that the candidate has previously done will be expected and from which judgment on potentiality will be made. The exposure of the candidate to various subject challenges and ways of solving them will earn better qualifications.

What are your non-academic skills?

Through this question, the interviewers will expose the candidate to services that are essential in selection as student welfare matters too. According to this question, critical thinking, leadership ability, and perseverance to social life are expected In answers. Stereotyping and prejudice in traits in the candidates' mindset will be noticed at this point of the interview through the candidate answers selections concerning specific gaming and cultural activities.

Orientation experience


Within my district of work is a fellow school principal who has recent experience in new teachers' indulgent. The principal used an orientation method that involved all stakeholders of the institution. Starting with parents, the principal experienced the right agreement on the methodology of orientation from the board of parent managers. Also, the type of orientation used included professional lecturing, where the new teachers had a polish up-of the expectations required by the institution (Bayar, 2015). In result was a common goal achievement of clear strategic orientation

Case 2

In another case, a headteacher to the best-performing school within my district used a presentation-based orientation. In this case, the head had all five new teachers assembled in a room where they had computer-based data that included the regulations, quantitative structures of the school, maps, and the required schedule. The teachers were convinced by this method bearing that the school is in an urban squeezed area, and movement could be unnecessary (Totaro & Wise, 2018). Although the orientation was complex, m colleague had a great save of time and an elite method of presentation.

Case 3

Two years ago, I was included in the orientation program by my previous principal, now my colleague in job rank. The headteacher used a social orientation methodology, which was efficient too. In the process, there was no distinct time for the new teacher's orientation.

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