Embracing Blessings: A Reflection on Choosing Love Over Revenge in Adversity

Published: 2024-01-19
Embracing Blessings: A Reflection on Choosing Love Over Revenge in Adversity
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1 Peter 3:9 states “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.”

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In my life, I always seek to create positive interactions with the people that are in my life. In some instances, they may wrong me knowingly or unknowingly, but I never engage in any activity that can harm them or undertake revenge. As a believer, I know that revenge is not a good thing to undertake. I know that I should be following the teachings of Jesus Christ and what Paul stated in the bible. I know that being a follower of Jesus Christ, things that are happening in my life will not always be even. There are instances that people will wrong me, but I do not have to wrong them back to feel that I have managed to revenge. I am not a person that is happy when others are suffering.

I always find myself being happy when suffering with others, meaning that I am always willing to carry other people’s cross if I am in a position to do it. As a believer, there will be times that I will be insulted for believing in God and the faith that I have in Christ. I understand that the ways of the world are to strike back when wronged with the same level of hatred that was directed at us. I know that there is a need to refute these instincts considering that I am not of this world. The body will remain in this world where it will go back to the soil, but my soul will remain eternal. I will manage to live with my Father in heaven if I live according to His will and teachings.

When God sent His Son to the world, He was full of love for His people, for He knew that His only son would get killed for the sake of the world. Jesus was abused, ridiculed, and beaten, but there was no single moment that he revenged. He had the power to harm the people who were against His teachings, but He did not do that since it is not the best way to resolve differences. He continued to show them love and forgiveness, and these are the virtues that He was teaching the disciples and the other followers, and that is the way I always want to live.

I know that living peacefully and not getting trained by the hatred directed towards me is what will make sure that I live optimally. I am always blessing the people that are insulting me, and these positive statements that am making towards these people ensure that I have a good time for I am living happily despite the various difficulties that tend to face me in life. Life is not always good, but I persevere and manage to overcome all the problems when I refute the instances of seeking revenge. I am always praying for my enemies to succeed in various ways and hoping that they will experience God’s favor. I am always following Jesus, and despite being a sinner, Jesus was ready to sacrifice His life for my sake, and I believe that I must ensure that I am living in God’s ways. I must make sure that I make the lives of other people better than they are irrespective of whether they are directing evil deeds toward me.

I am always making every effort to ensure that I am living peacefully with everyone. It is not all the time that this will happen for I know that human beings are immortal, and they will find themselves in sin. The sin may involve engaging in abusive instances where negative words may be directed towards me. However, what is usually do is ensure that I am using the insults directed towards me to make the lives of others better. Based on the ill feelings and discomfort that I feel when insulted, I always ensure that I do not make others experience the same thing in their life. I believe that the love for God towards His people threads in the teachings raised in the bible and in this verse and I have a duty to ensure that God’s teachings are followed all the time. I am a vessel of His word, and I have to ensure that I am living based on the scriptures that were written by his apostles through His inspiration.

I am always striving to ensure that there is unity in the world and that I have compassion, sympathy, and brotherly love that should be directed to the world. I have been called by God to love my enemies and ensure that they are living in God’s desired way of life. I know that following the satanic path will mean that all the good and evil things will be praised with evil, and this is not what I want. Additionally, I always work towards avoiding the human moral levels that call for the good to be repaid with good and evil for this is not what Jesus desires from His people. I understand that I need to follow God’s ways that call for the need to always offer blessings to everyone despite their interaction process and the ways that they are behaving towards me.

I know that the divine standards I rooted in the way of Jesus and the love that He had towards the people of this world. I am always working towards ensuring that blessings are the response that should be directed towards the people that are insulting them for I know that I will get God’s blessings. I am always praying for the people who are persecuting me for God to make them better, for this is what it means to make the world a better place for everyone. When people are acting towards each other, then it means that sin will be defeated and God will manage to have his way in my life and that of others.

I am always willing to walk in the spirit and to speak the truth all the time for this is what will set the world apart from the issues that are being experienced and cause harm. I am always praying to God to help me lead a happy, fulfilling life and ensure that I have a positive interaction with those who do not want to see me succeed. I know God’s grace is sufficient in all life eventualities, and I will succeed in life if I believe in Him and walk in His teachings. A wise person is always seeking ways that can be used to bring peace to the world and avoid instances of conflict.

I am always reading the scriptures for they are playing a significant role in leading me to live according to God’s will and meet the desires that the Almighty has on His people. I am a person who hates disunity, and I always avoid uttering words that cause hatred and conflicts. Additionally, I measure my words and most of the time is listen more than I speak this is a move that has ensured that I am working towards speaking only the words that bless and not curse others.

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