Paper Example on High School Coaches

Published: 2024-01-07
Paper Example on High School Coaches
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The high school coaches play a vital role in ensuring that the recruiting of basketball student-athletes into colleges and universities is successful. The college athletics recruiting process is one that is faced with numerous factors that may affect the students and the college coaches, making the process ineffective. Many sports scientists have conducted a lot of research to analyze the factors affecting the recruiting process, especially for the student-athletes. The factors emphasized by most of the studies include personal, social, and institutional factors and are considered to affect the prospective student-athlete during the recruiting process. This study aims to uncover the importance of the high school coaches in ensuring that the student-athletes receive adequate advice from their coaches to get scholarships into colleges and universities of their choice.

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The literature review is based on the inclusion criteria where the articles were selected depending on the relevancy to the topic of the study. The review of the literature created an understanding of the importance of high school coaches in the development and progression of student-athlete into post-secondary institutions. The research methodology is strategically developed to facilitate data collection and analysis to ensure the research is used widely to improve how coaches execute their advisory roles during the recruiting process. The research uses Delaware high school, where coaches from the boys and girls basket teams were used as the participants of the study. The survey research will aim to ensure that the high school coaches actively participate in the recruiting process by executing their advisory role appropriately to protect the interests of the student-athletes from exploitation by poor recruitment techniques. The survey was administered to 250 randomly selected high school coaches from Delaware high school boys and girls basketball teams. The research findings will be critical because it will provide the athletic department with better knowledge on the importance of the high school coaches during the recruiting process.

Critical Decisions

High school students in the US make critical decisions annually regarding their future direction of lives. The students opt to apply for open jobs, join the military service, or join the post-secondary institution to pursue the higher education goal. The high school athletics students who seek to enroll in post-secondary institutions are faced with different choices relating to the college they seek to enroll in, given their sporting talents. According to Huffman and Cooper (2012), prospective collegiate student-athletes have unique college/university choice factors that significantly influence the institutions to apply and subsequently enroll if recruited. The athletes in post-secondary institutions are a section of the student body that is highly important because of their continued supply of inimitable and valuable service to the colleges/universities through their talent. The college athletics coaches and administrators are usually committed to attracting and retaining student-athletes to promote their sporting program brands, the athletic department, and the institution (Huffman & Cooper, 2012). Just like their college counterparts, the high school basketball coaches have a significant role in ensuring that their high school players get recruited in their institutions of choice to pursues their academic programs and continue developing their talents.

Athletic recruitment into post-secondary institutions is a critical factor that is surrounded by many factors. The main factors are mainly the institutional and social factors that impact the prospective student-athletes recruitment process. More than half a million open chances provide an opportunity for skilled high school student-athletes to prove their legitimate ability in basketball and other sports (Lombardi et al., 2012). The students are required to undergo a thorough recruitment process to ensure they don the college uniform and have access to lower tuition fees. According to Lombardi et al. (2012), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) recommends student-athletes undergo a thorough screening process for both academics and athletics qualifications for educational stability using the high school grade point average (GPA) and the college admission examination scores.

Two Indicators

The two indicators (GPA and college admission examinations score) are good predictors of academic performance and abilities (Lombardi et al., 2012). There are more than 500,000 college students that participate in nationwide competitions like Division I, II, and III sports); and the majority of them were approached in high school and recruited by post-secondary institutions' coaches (Lombardi et al., 2012). The basketball and other sports coaches in high school have a significant advisory role in influencing their recruitment into their college. Traditionally, the college coaches are usually the first to create contact and initiate communication between the student recruits and the institution. It contributed to the underlying suggestion that the high school student-athletes are significantly influenced by the college coaches than any other institutional factor (Lombardi et al., 2012). In the absence of a high school athletics coach's influence, the college coaches influence the recruitment and selection of the high school student-athletes into their college teams.

The respective colleges conduct the post-secondary athletics recruitment, and the high school basketball coaches have a significant advisory role to play and ensure that basket students-players are selected in their respective teams. The prospective students are recruited in their basketball sport by the admission experts that specialize in athletics. The advisory role of the high school coaches ensures that they have a good record that can make a difference for the prospective students in their respective post-secondary institutions. High school athletes require a platform to collaborate with college coaches to ensure that they are recruited appropriately. The majority of the post-secondary recruiters frequently visit high school games or invite the students to different sports camps to scout their performance and assess their abilities. Therefore, the high school students require the continued guidance of their high school coaches throughout this trial period until they are admitted into their respective institutions.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process requires strict communication of regulations via the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) (Remillard, 2014). High school coaches should ensure that high school students have the needed capability to do the right thing (Remillard, 2014). The students can rely on the experience of the high school coaches to contact the college coaches to communicate the programs that excite the prospective student. The communication between the coaches ensures that the student presents all the athletics achievements and goals that will grant him/her genuine eligibility into the college. The high school coaches have a clear understanding of the athletics' potential of the students during their tenures as players under their stewardship hence can communicate with their counterparts on the abilities and potential of the students.

The recruits are impacted by the high school coaches and other people around their circles like the athletes and friends in the institution (Remillard, 2014). The social factors in the recruitment factors require the guidance of the high school coaches in basketball to ensure that the students have the right social mood to enable them prosper after the recruitment process. In the modern post-secondary institutions' recruitment, the prospective student-athletes are exposed to various recruiting tactics that enable them to attend their institutions to pursue education and exploit their talent (Remillard, 2014). The recruitment process is highly competitive, and many colleges invest heavily by budgeting for athletic recruitment to ensure the basketball teams remain highly competitive.

According to Remillard (2014), coaches, recruiters, and post-secondary institutions have recently adopted different tactics during the recruitment that leave the prospective student-athletes in limbo, making the recruiters change their style. Basketball recruitment for post-secondary institutions is significantly unique (Lombardi et al., 2012). The coaches and recruiters become determined to positively influence athletes with enormous academic and sporting abilities to join their institutions (Lombardi et al., 2012). The NCAA recommended that coaches prioritize recruiting well-rounded students with great potential to succeed academically and athletically by following the academic bylaws (Lombardi et al., 2012). The GPA and college admission test scores by the NCAA are the main strategies used during recruitment to ensure that is an alignment between knowledge and skills that are required for college coursework.


The high school athletics coaches have an advisory role for the students to ensure that they thoroughly prepare the prospective recruits before joining the post-secondary institutions. The high school coaches guide the students to prepare their college readiness and meet targets and requirements for the college coaches, athletics department, and the student affairs department during the recruitment process. Many high school athletes are faced with the big questions relating to their need to continue their sporting career beyond the high school level, that is, how to navigate the recruitment process to join their dream institution that meets their athletics and academic requirements and goals.

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