Essay Example. Midterm Artifacts Reflection

Published: 2023-04-05
Essay Example. Midterm Artifacts Reflection
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A classroom environment is one of the most important factors influencing student's learning. It is in the classroom that instructors influence learners' growth and behavior. Therefore, the emotional, physical, and social climate of the classroom should be favorable for the learner. Teachers should create a positive learning environment by motivating students and developing other strategies to assist students to succeed.

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Resilience is the ability to cope with and adapt to challenging situations in life. Some children can develop resilience naturally, while others need assistance from parents, teachers, and society. A resilient child shows an authentic curiosity in school and learning activities. A resilient child demonstrates assertiveness, initiative, and solves problems effectively (Masten 14). Additionally, a resilient child is trustworthy, responsible, and empathetic towards others. A resilient child acts autonomously. A resilient child has a purpose in life and sets achievable goals. A resilient child asks for support from parents and teachers when necessary.

The family and community play a significant role in helping a child develop resilience. While some children can naturally build resilience through a natural process, others develop through assistance from parents and the community. A child's home environment is a crucial determinant of the child's development. For example, children in a well-structured and clean home have the best environment for developing resilience. Also, parenting styles influence a child's development of resilience. For instance, a parent that sets rules and expectations from a child at an early age promotes the child's development of resilience. A community with established structures and community-based programs to assists children during times of need offers optimal conditions for developing resilient children.

Children require a stress-free classroom environment for active learning. Children should engage in mind relaxation activities to reduce stress in the classroom. For instance, they can start counting games or engage in positive thoughts. Additionally, students can organize their study areas to avoid cluttered rooms that promote the development of stress. Also, students can participate in exercise activities such as playing question and answer games to minimize classroom stress. Students and teachers can create a positive learning environment to reduce stress in the classroom. For instance, when a student answers questions, a helpful complement should be offered.

Teachers should provide a daily or weekly program of activities so that students can know what to expect during the week. Also, teachers should give breaks to allow students to process the information and knowledge learned. Additionally, teachers should create an independent time for each student to do their work. Teachers should allow students to speak about stressful situations and provide solutions for stressors. Moreover, both teachers should show respect for each other's values and skills. The adoption of such techniques can significantly create a stress-free classroom environment.

"I" messages are a communication style that focuses on the feelings and thoughts of the speaker. I message help a speaker to be assertive when communicating. Examples of I messages include:

  • 1. I feel so bad when I am reminded to attend my classes early. I am old enough to be in class on time.
  • 2. I appreciate when I see students, I have assisted doing well in their studies.
  • 3. I feel very sad when I hear rude statements. They ruin my moods.
  • 4. I am upset that my laptop crashed, and I can't finish my assignment on time.
  • 5. I like interacting with introverts because they help me learn from their wisdom.
  • 6. I thrive well in an environment where the growth mindset is inculcated.
  • 7. I have not read your message, so forgive me if I haven't responded.
  • 8. I hope the workshop will help many students to change their behaviors
  • 9. I was one of the pioneers of the drama club in our school.
  • 10. I ate all the food because I was very hungry.

List of Ten Negative and Ten Positive Statements

Positive Statements Negative Statements

  • 1. My guests will come today. My guests will not come today.
  • 2. Kosi has money in his pocket. Kosi has no money in his pocket
  • 3. Morris does miss his mom. Morris doesn't miss his mom.
  • 4. I always go to play after school. I rarely go to play after school
  • 5. Our English teacher is very effective. Our English teacher is not effective.
  • 6. Everybody is happy with the change. Not everybody is pleased with the change
  • 7. The fruits I bought were cheap. The fruits I bought were not cheap
  • 8. Mike called me in the morning. Mike did not call me in the morning.
  • 9. Peter went to the grocery store. Peter never went to the grocery store.
  • 10. Mercy laughed at her brother. Mercy did not laugh at her brother.

Learning requires a conducive and quiet environment that would enable student concentration. One day, there was a stakeholder meeting at our school. The school manager decided to use one of the classes for the meeting. The class to be used was next to our learning room. Thus, the guests were to pass near our classroom corridor to access their meeting room. There was little distraction at first because not many of the students were aware of what was happening. However, as more guests started coming in, the movement became more audible and created attention among students who were seated in their classroom. It became difficult for learners to concentrate on their studies due to the movements and other distractions from the guests. Our teacher sought permission from the school manager, and we relocated to a different room. After changing our environment, most students were able to concentrate on their studies and assignments.

Work Cited

Masten, Ann S. "Resilience theory and research on children and families: Past, present, and promise." Journal of Family Theory & Review, vol.10, no.1, 2018, pp. 12-31.

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