Apply Digital Solutions to Work - Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-05-31
Apply Digital Solutions to Work - Essay Sample for Everyone
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This paper discusses the skills, knowledge, and outcome to incorporate digital solutions into the common management practice. The application is relevant to the team which will need to utilize digital vision and solution in their daily operations. The application does not require any licensing, legislative or certification requirement, at least as per the time of the unit publication. The primary unit sector of this application is management and leadership.

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The utilization of digital workplace information is meant to improve the performance. The available workplace digital applications for communications, technologies, and network were identified. Some of the applications that can be used in the workplace include live video streaming, intranet and instant messaging. Besides, digital information sources such as office applications including word-processing documents and spreadsheets, business information systems such as databases and geospatial data system (, n.d.). The digital communication platforms in addition to cloud service panels, data center panel, ICT and telecommunication panels.

Once identified, this digital technology was located and integrated into the workplace operation. However, the information sources were evaluated for reliability, accuracy, and appropriateness. Some of the information available on the public domain might be biased and hence not reliable. Dangers of such information include the damage to the reputation of the organization, lead to financial losses and disruption of the work process due to misinformation (, n.d.). The evaluation of the integrated stat was done using the authority criteria. The credibility, recognition, and affiliation are some of the factors that were considered.

Upon the affirmation of the viability and credibility of the digital information sources, the process of integrating the new digital solution into the workplace operation was started. After the selection of a suitable digital solution that befits the workplace environment, the adoption process was started. The online discussion forum and video conferencing were identified to be the most probable solution to ensure that meetings could continue in spite of the available geographical gap. The purchase of the necessary gadgets and applications were facilitated. Afterward, the management team was briefed about the technology with explanations given on how it will enhance the current operation and organizational plan. The primary target of the tech was to make the process for planning for the meeting easier and also increase their frequencies.

For the integration to be a success, the technical data is analyzed and the textual information interpreted in the context of the organizational strategy and compliance requirement. In writing, the complex concepts were presented in a more specialized and more profound language to convey explicit information, specifications and recommendations as per the legal and organizational requirement (, n.d.). The language used was appropriate for the audience. Moreover, other than ensuring that the policies and legal requirement of the firm were met, an effort was made to allow for the future development of the technology.

The cost consideration of the integration and full adoption of the new digital solution was put into the account. The minimum, average and highest pricing of the digital innovation were estimated to get the general view of the resources one will need when fully integrating it into the workplace operation. Some of the specific considerations included the number of individuals using the technology, the annual pricing and invoicing methods, and the ease of access to the archived digital data if a new technology is adopted (, n.d.). The cost of training the works is also put into consideration. In summary, the determination of cost include the spending incurred in program development, training and assessing resources, training evaluation and reporting, travel expenses, and lost productivity from time spent in training. If all this is achieved, the performance gap will be narrowed, and the digital workplace objectives will be met.

The next stage of integrating any digital innovation in a workplace is training. The coaching team ensured that the learning and development activities were in line with the training and digital workplace targets. The employees were assessed to determine whether they had retained and applied the information and skills received. Finally, an observation was made to determine whether the employees had improved the digital skills and literacy levels to the requirements as stipulated by the organizational objectives.

To successfully achieve the abovementioned requirement out of training, a program was developed. The process of coming up with the methods and activities that would achieve training and digital workplace objectives puts a lot of issues into consideration. Some of the factors that were considered included the target audience and their level of competence in addition to the type of training that is most suitable, the cost of training, the available training resources, and the length of the training, method of delivery, the outcome that must be achieved, and the method of assessing the employees. After the effectiveness of the training, method has been evaluated, the coaching can then start (, n.d.). The external consultants that were used had to ensure that the training structure met the need of the diverse workforce and the outcome and the performance criteria were met.

Reference. (n.d.). [Online] Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2018].

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