Free Paper on Methods of Research

Published: 2017-12-11
Free Paper on Methods of Research
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B -Secondary

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This is a secondary because the marketer is sourcing the data from another reference like the reports which have been done the other researchers. If he or she could have gone ahead and obtained the original data from the field through face to face encounter or employing other primary methods of evidence collection, then it could have been the main source .The primary source includes the first hand where the marketer could have researched on his own using the interviews, surveys, observations and the questionnaires. He is trying get enough data about Evansville city in order to understand the market structure.

Scenario 2 B -Qualitative research

Since the marketer is tending to have firsthand information from the experts through discussions, then he or she is undertaking the qualitative research who knows more about the Evansville town. Where the data collected will be changed into the quantitative data during the representation process. This is the primary level of the study. It helps to access in analyzing of fundamental, opinions, and suggestions.

Scenario3. B – Quantitative research

The marketer conducts the customers and converts the response into mathematical for dynamic analysis. On performing different clients, he or she will get various feedbacks thus representing the response in mathematical form for expert analysis. This is not the best method since there will be some biases from the customers.

Scenario 4. A - Primary research

The marketer is the one undertaking the first-hand information about the individual issue in question. He employed the first-hand sources like the interviews, formation of the small groups, observations, and the surveys. The marketer is using the face to face search, participations, interviews and other methods in order to understand the demand and supply of the consumers in the Evansville town.

Scenario 5; B -Secondary research

The marketer is using the already researched data to come up with the conclusion or the prediction instead of going to the field and doing the research on the issue by used of the survey, interviews or the questionnaires but here he is just using the already established data.

Part 2

A. Scenario 1. The marketer is ready to spend because he knows the value of the information he needs. The information he is going to get will help him so much in undertaking the marketing process.

B. scenario 3.The marketer tends to inquire from the consumers about an individual product and form a conclusion on if to advertise or not.

C. Scenario 5. After reviewing a series of the research reports, the researcher will get to know if there is any variation in the market before he or she makes up his or he mind on the marketing scheme.

D. Scenario 2. The marketer discusses the issues with the experts and comes with the conclusion on the issue basing on the expert opinions.

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