Course Learning Outcomes - Nursing Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-01
Course Learning Outcomes - Nursing Essay Example
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Whole Person Care

CLO 4. Demonstrate safe practice and evolving competence in providing whole person care to a group of patients across the lifespan according to the nurse-patient ratios on the clinical unit (e.g. 3-5 patients).

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In my current clinical experience, I can competently manage five patients unlike before when I could manage utmost two patients. Atimes I have had to share my personal experiences with the patients so as to build a level of confidence in me, so they have opened up to share their daily experiences with their different conditions, enabling me to tailor make my approach to a certain specificity in handling each patient.

Christian Caring

CLO 7. Exemplify professionalism and Christian caring in all interactions with faculty, clinical instructors, peers, patients, and members of health care team

As I interacted with different levels of members of the health institution, I upheld my professionalism and Christianity in all levels. I would explain the nature of each drug, therapeutic effects and side effects before I could administer the same to any patient, and in case they had any enquiries I would make sure to have them addressed so that they could be well versed with their drugs. Before starting my daily activities of my shifts I would conduct prayers with my patients and give them a word of encouragement. There are those patients who requested to have me read bible verses to them before leaving the ward, and I created some minutes for them, and those who seemed extremely in need of more Christian counselling, I gladly referred the pastor/minister to them.

Professional Nursing

CLO 3. Integrate evidence, clinical reasoning, and patient preferences in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes of care.

While formulating patients care plan upon admission, I ensured I did a detailed history taking and made thorough general and physical examination of each patient, after which I would compare my findings with the ready lab results and suggest for any other tests I felt were important, with a clear rationale. This ensured my care plan was always in line with the patients prevailing condition. I would share this care plan with my patients so they would be alert on the targets we were set to achieve in improving their well-being, and this increased adherence and compliance.

CLO 5. Employ principles of quality improvement, healthcare policy, and cost effectiveness in the provision of high quality nursing care.

All activities I have carried out have been based on certain standards of operation, set by the health ministry as well as collaborative measures from the health facility tailor-made to fit the surrounding community to ensure they are affordable and acceptable to the community. There has been weekly physical assessments conducted by the nursing department leaders to ensure every practitioner was up to date with current operating standards.


CLO 6. Prioritize care in managing multiple adult patients with acute to complex health care needs in a variety of settings.

I have mastered how to deal with different patients at their different points of need by using a personality based approach on handling the patients .There are times when dealing with multiple adults in different set ups got difficult as handling specific conditions needed different approaches, but I had my personal assessment tool of majoring on priorities first before I could address other issues.

Continuum of Care

CLO 1. Use interprofessional communication and collaborative skills to optimize patient outcomes.

There was always emphasis for teamwork among different departments when handling a patient. During ward rounds, I have been active in asking questions and giving extra details to other health personnel involved, about my patients. In bedridden patients, I made sure physiotherapists attended to them in my presence and when I had any issues or enquiries about the medication my patients were using I talked to the ward pharmacists for clearer information and guidance.Clinical Paperwork

Clinical Assignments

Faculty Comments:

Paperwork 10%

Student Comments:

* Violations of standards of professional conduct will be processed according to policies included in the Kettering College Student Handbook.

CLO: Course Learning Outcome Daily Clinical Evaluation Average _________

Clinical Grade _________

Mid-Term Contract Initiated _________

Clinical Instructor Signature _______________________________ Date ___________________

Student Signature ________________________________________ Date __________________

Approved 6-14-12 (Curricular session)

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