Metamorfosis de Concierto, Music Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-09
Metamorfosis de Concierto, Music Essay Example
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Estrellita, meaning the little star, is one of the many songs written, recorded and still being played to present day in different settings across the globe. It is one of the many old songs that people used to play essential functions and concerts for entertainment. The song has been integrated into many stocks of play the best-known singers and orchestras (Corvera 15). It is a song, despite being a traditional one, pleases many due to the use of instruments and the style of play. This paper seeks to provide a factual description of the song as well as give a detailed analysis and description of the song.

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According to Tschaikowski ("Estrellita Concert Metamorphosis), the name of the song is Estrellita 'Metamorfosis de Concierto.' The song was written in Spanish by Manuel Maria Ponce, a Mexican artist who was very active as a music composer in the 20th Century. In the performance of this song, Ponce uses the piano as the primary instrument for playing. The song falls under the genre of pieces, for piano, generally for one player. The song has a duration of 3 minutes and 7 seconds. The song was composed, recorded and released in 1912 (Corvera (20).

The song plays in a slow beat, with the piano being played on low keys. There is a soft and well-articulated transition between the keys to creating good harmony and soft intonations as supported by Corvera (23). It produces a calm tone that helps in the listening of the music notes, and key levels brought about by the piano as it is being played (Tschaikowski "Estrellita Concert Metamorphosis).

Historically, it was thought to be a regular love song as it was the trend at the contemporary time, but that was not the case (Corvera 29). The song brings alive nostalgia that was used to express the feeling of the author. The sound of the piano playing can be said to be that one of enticing somebody, as in the case of love songs. The low tone of the song helps in relaxing and gives that nostalgic feeling of wanting to go back home to the loved ones. It was the main reason that motivated Ponce to write the song since he was away from home. The song can mainly calm down people who are far away from home, who miss their loved ones and are longing to return home. The solo instrument being used to play the song, and the slow verse form makes one ponder about the family they left home, the entire good memories one had with the loved ones, hence causing the heart to pause and love the feeling of the song.

According to Corvera (1), Ponce was born on 8th December 1882 in the town of Fresnillo, Mexico. He was well known as a music educator, scholar and a composer in the Mexican music, especially those that were concerned with the scenes in concerts. He was interested in playing the piano as early as at age four until he was enrolled in a music school to play the piano. He had many travels throughout his music career, going to the National Music Conservatory in 1901 to 1903 then returned to the city of Aguascalientes. As Corvera (4) brings out, in 1904, he traveled to Bologna to advance in musical studies. He later returned to Mexico to teach music and then moved to Havana, Cuba. All these travels made him be far from home, thus playing a significant role in the composition of this song Estrellita which was always making him yearn to return home.

In conclusion, Estrellita is a song that was composed in the olden days but still creates a significant impact in the present-day music concerts and other orchestras. The song takes a form of ballad and sonata, with the single piano playing at a slow pace. The song also has a message to pass, since it was inspired by the feeling of nostalgia, to return home to the loved ones.

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