Free Essay with a Discussion of Staffing Concerns on Ethical Hiring Standards

Published: 2022-08-30
Free Essay with a Discussion of Staffing Concerns on Ethical Hiring Standards
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The human services field main objective is fulfilling human needs through the application of knowledge and the remediation of problems. Professionals in this field ought to be committed to improving the quality of life of other people. This paper seeks to look in depth at the codes of ethics to be practiced by the staff in this field. It will also discuss the core characteristics of potential employees.

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Staff Characteristics

In the human services field, when it comes to hiring new staff, a hiring officer needs to take into consideration some core characteristics. These characteristics include both personality characteristics and job skills. This paper looks at three qualities that an applicant needs to have in this field.

First, an applicant must be a person of integrity with outstanding moral principles because this field requires honesty in all aspects. In the human services field where services offered range from social work, behavioral management, and mental health, integrity is essential.

Secondly, an applicant must be able to promote self-determination because the primary objective of this field is improving on the quality of lives of people. He must have the capacity to help clients to control and enhance their personal lives. Majority of the clients in this field have lost control in one area or another in their own lives. It is, therefore, necessary that employees in this field can help them regain that control.

Lastly, an applicant must be computer literate able to operate through the basic Microsoft office programmes. In this era of technology, he must be knowledgeable enough to circumvent through the different office programs. A personal grasp in technology is vital in this profession because the agency keeps records of its clients. These records are necessary for the evaluation, assessments, and tracking of clients.

To determine whether an applicant meets these desired qualities, a real-life scenario that requires the application of all the above attributes will be laid out before the applicant. His response and reaction to the situation will determine whether he is qualified or not. Also, first impressions matter; how the applicant appears, his dressing and his language will play a role.

In the evaluation and keeping employees accountable the agency has in place codes of practice that staffs have to adhere. The system of practice will be laid out in a simple manner that is understood by the employees. Also, there will be a signed contract with term and conditions that will guide the team on what and what not to do. Any breach of the terms and conditions of the agreement by the staff will lead to automatic disqualification from the agency. There will also be periodic assessments and evaluations to measure staff progress.

Supervisee Case

If a supervisee has a negative evaluation, I will handle the case in the best interest of both the supervisee and the agency. In determining the best interest of both parties, I will consider and ask three basic questions; what led to the negative evaluation, what can be done to rectify and improve on the negative review.


From the above facts, it is evident that the human services field needs to hire staff that is not only qualified but also have respect for human dignity. This is because the services offered by professionals in this field require respecting the dignity and the welfare of clients. And since we aim at improving the quality of lives of people, the value of these qualities cannot be underestimated.


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