Essay Example: Oral Presentation Research Paper

Published: 2018-06-15
Essay Example: Oral Presentation Research Paper
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How to make a presentation?

When planning to make a presentation, one must consider, and define, what can be achieved during the time allocated for the presentation. Planning involves prioritizing the information that one wishes to present so as to ensure that the delivery is effective.

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One simple technique in planning is to write an outline of the main points in a logical order. After coming up with the main points, the presenter must make sure that they can clearly explain them in simple sentences or words that have a positive impact on the target audience. If the presenter cannot do this, then it is likely that the message will not reach the audience as intended. After the key points have been identified and the explanation laid out in understandable terms, the presenter can then use a timer to practice by doing a mock presentation. The intention of practicing beforehand is to find out if it is possible to present the intended information within the allocated time frame during the actual presentation. If the allotted time, for instance, is fifteen minutes, but during the rehearsal, one realizes that they can only present half of the material within that time, then there will be an opportunity to adjust the material accordingly. Besides, a good presenter must have a clear idea of where they want to be particularly during the presentation of the key points. If the presenter, for example, is unable to be halfway in 7.5 minutes, then it would be necessary to do away with the less important points.

With proper planning and enough practice, therefore, any presenter can deliver the intended message effectively during the actual presentation without delays or lags.

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