Mental Health and Depression, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-05-06
Mental Health and Depression, Free Essay Sample
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Mental health can describe as the emotional, the behavioral and also the social maturity and normality. Collinson(2004) argued that it can also be referred to as the state of mind or even a behavioral disorder. According to the world health organization, mental health can be described as the state or the condition of a well-being in a which a person or an individual realizes his or her abilities and at the same time can manage normal stresses that occur in life. The world health organization also argues that mental health is not just the absence of the mental disorder and that it entails more in relation to a person or an individual health state. Collinson(2004) continue to argue that mental health is described to be inclusive of our emotional, psychological and at the same time social well-being of a person. It affects the way feel, thinks and always the way we act and respond to various things in our life.

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According to Huibers (2011), depression, on the other hand, can be described as the state of the mental disorder which can course an individual to have a depressed mood and at the same time to have the loss of pleasure or interest. Any person or an individual who is experiencing a depression will have or experience the intense state of anxiety, hopelessness and at the negativity. And the feeling will continue to stay with them rather than going away or relieving them from the state. Huibers (2011) continues to add that depression can happen to anyone as most of the people the most educated people within the global. Depression at the same time can also affect people across the age limit both the young and the old and is a problem that any person can battle with and therefore various measures has been put in place to ensure that it is controlled and mitigated.

Literature review on mental health and depression

According to Collinson(2004), the biological research and point of view state that mental disorder is the brain related disease. It entails that mental disorder coursed due to the neurotransmitter dysfunction within the brain. The mental health or disorder can be described as a condition that is primarily and majorly psychological and that has the ability to alter the general behavior which includes such conditions like changes in the psychological functions if and only if those changes can be clearly explained by the psychological concept which includes the personality, conflict and also the motivation. According to Wykes (2004), it can also be described as a health condition that in his full blown state is always or regularly associated with such factors like stress and also generalize impairment in relation to the functioning or even a behavior which one would like to stop.

Huibers (2011) added that the social approach view the mental health or disorder as a state or a break down in the face relation to the environment empowering stress and at the same time points out that factors which are mainly external to the individual are the main course of the same. The three main dominant theory of the mental health or disorder according to the social approach include the labeling theory, the stress theory and finally the structural strain theory and this entire have different and several explanations in relation to what mental health is and what courses it.

Collinson(2004) again added that depression, on the other hand, is greatly related to the mental health as it is a form of the mental health disorder. Depression is not just a form of extreme sadness as most people may view it. Depression is a majorly known disorder that is at a position of affecting both the brain and also the body inclusive of the cognition behavior, the peripheral system and also the immune system. Wykes (2004) said that as opposed to any passing sad mood, depression can be described as a disorder due to the fact that interferes with the general functioning at work, school and also affects the good relationships. The process of living with depression is really difficult to the people who are depressed and also the family as it is not that is easy to know and to realize that you are suffering from depression and controlling it also becomes a major point.

According to Huibers (2011), there are several types of depression but the main ones are the major and the mild depression. Mild depression can be described or said to be mild when it has a very limited negative effect which interferes with your daily activities and life. This is seen in the situation where you are experiencing difficulties in concentrating on your job or even having difficulties in doing the activities that you used to do. Major depression, on the other hand, interferes entirely with someone's life and can have effect in almost all the activities that an individual is carrying out and thus described as the most dangerous form of the depression.

Huibers (2011) said that mental health can also be placed in three main groups which include, first we have the mental health that would allow an individual to greatly exploit their potential mainly through the process of self-realization. Secondly we have mental health that includes a belief in being able to manage and at the same time to master their environment and finally the people or individual with positive and clear mental health would be in a position to identify, and at the same time confront and to solve them

Findings and analysis

There are several research and analysis regarding the mental health and depression research. These findings are in relation to the causes, treatment and how o mitigate the course of the problem.


According to Huibers (2011) the main courses of mental health and depression due to the analysis and the research that has been being seen to include,

Wykes (2004) added that the use of drugs more than the required rate especially alcohol and nicotine which has been identified to be one of the major courses of mental disorders. The other courses include the persistent thought that appear regularly as this can also lead to the mental problem and can really encourage depression process to develop within an individual. Some of the other courses according to the research were related to the biological factors and the brain chemistry and also the life experience mainly the trauma and abuse. It was also seen to be in a position to arise due to the family history of mental problems.


The above literature review greatly helps me to know that the study and the promotion of the mental health and depression issue in a very important aspect of the health and education centers. It also brings the analysis of the causes and mitigation process which can help to reduce the effects of the disorder. Mental health and depression is seen to be a problem or generally a disease that cut across all the ages groups and due to this reason mitigation and control of the same remain to be a very important factor.

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