Essay Sample on Activity Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Published: 2022-11-11
Essay Sample on Activity Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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Activity Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition that affects both children and adults, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and religious orientation. Majorly, no single test can be used to understand and diagnose the health condition (Brinkerhoff, 2007). Also, ADHD can only be diagnosed after a patient/victim has portrayed signs and symptoms of the situation after durations of 6 to 7 months. Next, the signs and symptoms of the illness need to be analyzed in different environmental setups, and the victim needs to be of the age of 12 years and above. Additionally, most of the test conducted on victims depend on the number of signs and the identities of the symptoms, for example, primary inattentive or hyperactive ADHD subtype (Friedman, 2017). The paper aims to establish claims on the issues reflecting on the increase of ADHD specifically in relation to technology, increased awareness, societal change, and family.

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Increase in ADHD

U.S. statistical analysis conducted in 2017 by WHO (World Health Organization) stated the two out of five children present attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Additionally, these signs and symptoms are more common on the masculine gender than the feminine gender; this making the gender ratio is 1-to-3. Moreover, among all the traits and symptoms; there are three common symptoms of ADHD; for example inattention, impulsivity, and over-activity. First, negligence represents features such difficulty in concentration, failure in understanding an instruction, and multitasking without accomplishing the task at hand (Brinkerhoff, 2007). Next, impulsivity enhanced the properties of speaking over the top of other individuals and becoming short-fused. Third, over-activity established a constant means of becoming restlessness. Moreover, there are risk elements in the kid's behavior disorders. Back to back, the risk factors include gender, gestation and birth, temperament, family well-being, intellectual deficiencies, and brain development among others (Brinkerhoff, 2007).

Also, statistical analysis done in 2013 in the U.S. by the CDC (Centers for Disease and Prevention) states the 15 percent of the children displayed the sign and symptoms of ADHD. There are symptoms enhanced form the study, for example, there are chances of 60 percent of over-diagnosis regarding ADHD. Next, ADHD is caused by pressure from guardians and parents; for example, if the elderly embraces and initiate higher expectations from children even if they cannot keep up with the expectations (Friedman, 2017). Nevertheless, the condition can be determined by the setup the children are exposed to, for example, statistics promote children between the ages of 7-18 display signs and symptoms especially when they participate on co-curriculum that involves playing in the grass. Furthermore, there are various ways of initiating different methods of diagnosing ADHD, for example, the child environment, upbringing, and training (Friedman, 2017).

In the recent past, between the years of 2012 and 2013, the U.S. faced a lot of issues regarding the medical attention towards the point of A.D.H.D. The disaster was due to several conditions. First, records indicate that in the 1990s approximately 7 percent of the children were victims of the A.D.H.D health condition; thus, in 2013, 11 percent of the kids between the ages of 10 to 18 were diagnosed with medical disease, but at the same time 3 percent out of the eleven percent provided false results. Besides, globally millions of children are diagnosed on a daily basis, with the most enhancing on neurological signs and symptoms. The results collected were as a result of neurological causes since most of the diagnosis reflected in term of behavioral and pharmaceutical purposes. Furthermore, the U.S. healthcare statistics initiated that 6.4 million children are diagnosed A.D.H.D, precisely due to the changes in the economic, education, and societal norms of the community (Friedman, 2017).

According to academic and health resources collected by Dawes (2014), combating in the twenty-first century is next to impossible. The reason behind the fact places business and marketing strategy of junk and fast food companies as the leading cause towards childhood. To be precise the junk and fast food industry are flooding the global market. It is through the consumption and the steady increase of these products that there is a limited chance to reduce and minimize the opportunity for a better livelihood for the children. Ahima (2013), statistical collection state that sixty percent of the food consumed globally are junk products; it is because they are produced in large quantities, and their market is vast since they are found in almost all the fast food joints, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, and school canteens.

According to statistical data gathered in the United States of America, it is evident that the rates of among children between the ages of seven to eleven have double (Goran, 2016). Besides, it is recorded that during the 19th century the demographic graph of children with ranged from seven to nine percent, but the figures doubled during the 20th and 21st centuries (Voigt, Nicholls, & Williams, 2014). During the two millennial reigns, the increase was recorded as 16 to 20 percent making the disease as very devastating and its control next to impossible. Also, according to statistical data retrieved from WHO records, it is stated that the only 2% of the global economy, especially the U.S, consume healthy meals; the data to prove the demography was gathered from different elementary and high schools in the United States of America (Goran, 2016). Also, the information perfectly states that only four out of ten children consume vegetables which are vital to the health of a kid because they lack the nutrients plants contain. With such minimal intake of the plant, the childhood is the course of reduced life expectancy.

Edge & Groves (2016), place a conclusion fact-based most of the data gathered from the agriculture and health sectors of the U.S put as the leading pandemic threatening the future generation. Also, the CDC experts and physicians, on the other hand, have helped deduce relevant information to help understand why a child has increased at such a high rate. According to their report, a child is hard to control since there are lots of factors to consider. The first fact states that most of the children diagnosed with suffering additional illnesses making their life expectancy to be short (Edge & Groves, 2016). It is through the diagnostics that the medical team discovered that these kids suffer from related chronic diseases, for example, heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, and unnecessary weight gain.

These diseases are some of the major factors to consider when preventive measures are placed to help reduce child. To some extent, there are minor facts to set into consideration since they assist in determining the medical process of the illness. First, the medical expenses to help treat the disease. Secondly, unlike other diseases, affects their physical, mental, and spiritual compositions. It is the physical aspect that one is determined to be a victim since statistics state that almost 70% of the children do not participate in physical activities but engage on excessive intake of unhealthy food (Banaschewski, Coghill, & Zuddas, 2018). Besides, it is the leading factor that increases the body mass. With the growth of their weight mental stability of the victims is affected since they will suffer from harassment from their peers hence a result are depression and anxiety. Lastly, a child affects the academic performance of the victims. In a precise manner, most of the victims tend to spend much of their time out of school since they seek individual medical attention that is also very expensive.

For centuries the health care sector has faced different challenges especially with the rise and increase of levels among the youth. It is for this reason that most of the healthcare facilities both governmental and non-governmental have dedicated their time and resources to find a permanent remedy for illnesses such as a child. According to all relevant data gathered by the various professionals and institutes over the years between the 19th to 21st centuries, the news about childhood has evolved leaving most into shock on how its treatment has minimal impact on the victims (Goran, 2016). Besides, a child has doubled since the 19th century making it the leading illness affecting most youths and children. The idea behind the fact is to place a convincing argument that there are different severe consequences associated with the disease.

Also, with the large production and supply of these types of foods parent have ignored their moral duty to prepare healthy homemade food for their families. The parental neglect behavior is an absurd character since they place most of the kids to prefer and eat junks that contain a high content of fats (Edge & Groves, 2016). Besides, it is characterized as a universal trait and deficiency disorder that can affect kids from all background, for example, either rich or poor, Christians, Buddhist, or Muslims, and Hispanic, White, or Black Americans. Moreover, it is through the analysis of its past victims that most medical personnel rate it as leading deficiency disease on the increase of mortality rates. Lastly, most of the affected children at one stage have suffered from stress, depression, or anxiety hence the accountability of the disease, hence the increase in global mortality rates.

ADHD is a disease that affects the mental, spiritual, and physical capabilities of the kids and it is not ethically supportive. The first and most shocking news is that almost 70% of the victims suffer cardiovascular illness, heart problems, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and stress (Voigt, Nicholls, & Williams, 2014). These issues limit their active participation in different activities that boost their immune system. It is absurd to watch a child not participate in their usual mischievous ways just because they are suffering from. Also, it is evident that it is through the many accompanying infections that make hard to prevent.

On the other hand, there is the new introduction of agricultural food staff in the market. These products fall under fast food and junk. It is important to note that with the introduction of these items to the market only 2% of the kids eat healthy since they consume vegetables. Moreover, the food substance is not healthy because of the extra food nutrients such as fats that they contain (Ahima, 2013). The repercussion of excessive consumption of these products is poor eating habits, excessive weight, and lack of self-motivation in their daily activities. The sugar contents also might cause both types of diabetes.


Also, it is important to understand the environmental factors that lead to ADHD. According to research it is important to not the upbringing of a child is the key factor to prevent and with the current adjustment in the food industry, it is next to impossible to help raise a healthy child (Voigt, Nicholls, & Williams, 2014). With the statistics that four out of ten children suffer from, many undeniable facts can be obtained. First, one needs to understand the environmental factors' surrounding the birth place of an infant is a contributing factor that might lead to (Edge & Groves, 2016). Children born in the millennial reign believe that junk food is the ideal meal and they spend on these products since they are found in almost all shops and supermarkets making it readily available for consumption.

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