Benefits of Public Health Knowledge - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-03
Benefits of Public Health Knowledge - Free Essay Sample
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Whether an M.P.H degree stands for masters in public health or mister in public humor, I now know my priority. My priority is to have such a tag comfortably placed before my name. This comes after I made a resolution to gain knowledge regarding public health. Most people usually do not consider their aspects of health until they are sick. I was that kind of person before a myriad of experiences led me to follow the path of enlightenment which is doing me a great deal of good. For the person who said that knowledge is power, well! I am still trying to locate him and thank him. Over the years, I have come to realize that knowledge is without a doubt the most powerful thing under the sun. I honestly do not know if the same applies beyond the sun. Knowing ones self is the first step to having a successful life. It is crucial for people get to know various aspects of public health. Knowledge on public health would hardly win you the lottery, but it will enable you to make informed decisions on aspects of personal health.

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Getting to know the aspects of public health puts an individual in a position to know more about the existing insurance plans. Most people have been making much noise regarding the Obamacare plan, but they do not know how it functions. Recently, my friend went to the nurse complaining about constipation and demanding for laxatives because they are covered by Obamacare. The nurses response was Well listen to me son, am afraid that Ill just have to slap the shit out you, and that stomach problem will be over before you know it. We cant blame the nurse, after a long shift and a less informed person comes in with such claims, he deserved a wakeup call. Health information gives one the reason to get an insurance over. The benefits of health insurance covers cannot be seen if one does not search for the relevant information.

Gaining knowledge also helps one get abreast in regarding simple medications. Common colds and minor injuries are nothing more than common aspects of life. It does not take much for one to gain knowledge on handling such minor medical conditions. This phenomenon had not occurred to me until the common flu that was not so common occurred to me. I used to brush aside other flu with pain killers, but this one sent me knocking at the door of my community center. After hearing my predicament and running a few tests, the doctor began writing my medication. After writing Zithromax, he murmured, my pen is dying. I did not hear him right and thought he had said mypenzidine. To me, this sounded exactly like the drugs given to second stage HIV/AIDS patient. I knew I was in deep trouble. My cold even got worse as I sunk into panic mode. I wasnt cool until he confirmed that the prescription was for the uncommon cold I had.

The experiences above just emphasize the need of gaining health knowledge. It a misconception that a person has to join a public health course to get knowledge on public health. On the contrary, these crucial pieces of information are all over. The advent of the internet has even made matters easier for many people like myself. It is advisable to read a single online health tip before watching Captain America.

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