Me and My Environment, Essay Sample

Published: 2017-11-24
Me and My Environment, Essay Sample
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In other situations, at some point in time, I lost my job due to many reasons that I now deem as reasons of kicking me out. I was always late at work because each morning I had to prepare breakfast and dress my kids for school and later drop them to school. In other situations when my kids fell sick, I would take an off day to take them to the hospital. My performance at work started dropping as mostly I was thinking about my children. This session of life saw me working odd jobs just to keep the family intact. I learned that perseverance and determination for a brighter future is key to the achievement of any goals set in life. They say what you can conceive in mind then you can produce with your own hands.

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Religion has had an impact in my life, tying knots of marriage in church is one of the biggest influential activities in my life. Christianity has been a part of me ever since I was a young boy, I have always held it closer to me as a guiding post whenever things are not going right in my life. As a pillar of my life, religion played a critical role in my life upon the exit of my wife. When my wife was away, most of my friends advised me to look for another woman as my wife was probably married to another man and they have a life together. Through church proceedings and the psychological and religious advice from the local church pastor, I was able to hold on and wait much longer for my wife’s arrival or even phone call. It took me two years but we got through the ordeal, and we managed to communicate and even have a family together again. The religious part of my past and present contributed significantly in making me the man I am today. Had I remarried I wouldn’t be in the Great United States of America, my life would be totally different back in Africa. I appreciate how religion has played a key role in shaping me to what I am today.

Education is the pillar of the information age and enlightenment. The importance of education and never giving in to tough situations in life is a testament of my life. In my earlier life, I was unable to continue with my education because my aunt was unable to pay up for my school's fees. I did not give up, I went back to school and learned more. The impact education has had in my life is a testament to hard work and determination. Education is my purist right now as I am taking on my second master’s degree, I should declare that the investment in education pays and it never disappoints.

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As of today, I am a father of four children and happily wedded to one woman. I am a hardworking, gifted, trustworthy and faithful individual. In my marriage I am the head of the family, my wife is my best friend and partner, with her we have four wonderful children who are in their lower levels of education. I am currently undertaking my second master’s degree, and thus I am progressing my education levels in order to secure myself s very lucrative and secure job that would enable me to take care of my family well.

My bio-psycho-social development is approaching the mature stage, as I am approaching age 32 right now. I have experienced different cultural norms, a different civilization, cultures, temperamental situations, sufferings, and abuse. All the above-mentioned situations have impacted in forming my character and who I am today. The world I have lived in, the people I have had to opportunity to interact with have all contributed to the formation of the individual I am today.

I can attribute my life to my parents who through a harsh and abusive childhood, I was able to toughen up when I was at a very young age. The ability to be independent in life just after dropping from high school made me realize that there is more to life than just looking for money, this pushed me into looking for a job in a bid to collect enough cash to go to school, I later finished up high school at age 19. Today I am studying for my second master’s degree; this is a show of the progress that I have made in my life despite the challenges that I have been through all my life. Despite these past challenges, my life is great right now, four happy kids and wonderful woman by my side, I could not ask for more as it is the perfect package for me. Right now my focus is to finish up my master’s degree and advance in my career level.

My future plans are to undertake a Ph.D. in Anthropology. This is in a bid to understand the way society operates, the cultures of different groups, their beliefs, and ways of lives. I would like to know about how communal beliefs shape up an individual to be who he/she is. Anthropology is a wide field that would cover many topics of my interests such as linguistic and cultural anthropology and others like archaeology. All of the above plans are meant to be achieved in the near future this means that I am going to ensure that I am able to work them out to fruition.

I plan to pass my second master’s degree perfectly so as to avoid any entry point issues upon application for my Ph.D. Passing my master’s degree requires that I hand in assignments in the required times, conducting a full proof research for my thesis statement and doing a perfect presentation at the reporting stage. I also plan to learn a lot more about the world and people. This means that I have to travel to different countries to learn about their culture, their practices, their cuisines, and art. All the afore mentioned factors are my personal key specifications when I travel to any given country. I would love to tour the world and learn as much as I can.

In order to be able to achieve my goals and plans for the future, I need to set up a financial account where I can save up for the trips across the world. I have always looked into joining a travelers club where we would be able to have planned tours with different destinations across the whole wide world. With respect to the attainment of my Ph.D., I would definitely need access to a lot of research materials already conducted, a research analyst, a supervisor, laptop, financial input in research conduction, software resources for collection, storage and analysis of the information collected. In this case scenario, I need to look into newer sources of income, and this can come through the acquisition of a new job upon finishing up of the current master program. A pay rise at the firm or a new job in a different firm would suffice my needs as long as I am able to meet my needs and future plans. The critical things about my current life is the livelihood of our children; I always ensure that they have the best that we can offer and they are always in my future plans that’s inclusive of my wife too.

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